Anyone has all four sizes of b-bags?

  1. I'm interested in seeing First, City, Work, Weekender on side by side. I only have First and City and below are the pictures I took.

    If you have 3 sizes or 4 sizes, do you mind taking the pictures for me? I never see work and weekender in person but I ordered Ink weekender and it's on its way. I start to wonder if I make the mistake and I should order work instead. :Push: I'm short, only 5'2". :sick:
    IMG_0770.JPG IMG_0772.JPG
  2. I second this! I would love to see them all together! This sounds like a job for ceejay! I am 5'3 and I REALLY want a Work for fall!
  3. :yes: Here's a picture of one of my First's, a City and a weekender is on the way, but not here yet :heart:

  4. Thank you so much, chloe231. Wow, work is quite big compared to the city. Umm, now I'm worried that weekender will be huge on me. I guess I can only use it for travel. Wonder if it will be too big for gym bag. :Push:
  5. Can we get a comparison of them ON?Like wearing each of your bags?

    i really really want to get a work bag but i'm wondering if it might be a wee bit bigger than what i'm comfortable with...?

    :heart: Sally
  6. There are a couple of girls on the board that are petite and have a
    weekender and love it, I am 5'10 1/2 so it's not an issue for me :P :heart:

    Check the thread with members wearing their bags and you can see each size bag on different height girls....

    I think it's a matter of what you are comfortable with :smile:
  7. HI LuvPurse.. i don't have the First size ANYMORE, although I HAD pictures of it together with 2 cities...

    and also took pictures of the 4 different size i had, Twiggy, City, Work, Weekender...

    p/s: Apologies for the messy pictures.. my bags are hard to tame! =P


    (1)Anis04 City + Lilac 04 City + Seafoam 04 First (Stacked)
    (2) As above, but laid out flat
    (3) 04 Seafoam TWIGGY, 04 Lilac CITY, 04 Metallic Magenta CITY, 05 Turqoise WORK + Pewter WEEKENDER

    (4) 04 Lilac City next to a 05 Turq WORK (compare the base width)
    (5) Turq Work + Pewter Weekender + Lilac CITY (compare base and height)

    (6) 04 Seafoam Twiggy ON 04 Lilac City (getting it on.... hehe)
    (7) 04 Seafoam Twiggy ON 05 Turqoise WORK
    (8) 04 Magenta Metallic CITY On Metallic Weekender..

    *excuse also the tacky "watermark" on the first 3 pics..

    DSCF3042a.JPG DSCF3031A.JPG P1000190A.JPG P1000192.JPG P1000193.JPG P1000195.JPG P1000196.JPG P1000197.JPG
  8. waterfalls -- you have such a gorgeous collection!
  9. OMG, waterfalls!!! I do really appreicate this. :love:

    You have amazing amzing collections! I'm so jealous. :amuse: Thank you for comparing city and weekender. I'm a bit relieve now. weekender isn't huge huge. I think it can be a good size for travel. Your pewter weekender is so cool. I'm getting one in Ink. I hope it will look nice!!

    I also love your anis! I'm looking hard for Mustard.:sick: Want it so bad that I want to cry. :roflmfao:

    Thank you thank you.... :flowers:
  10. the "getting it on" pic! They do look ....merged....<g>

    Do you still have the lilac and anis and seafoam? Pretty pretty pretty!!
  11. It looks like the Weekender is not all that much bigger than the City? Love Turq and pewter. Toobad they are not 06 colors :*(
  12. Waterfalls: Wow! What an amazing TDF collection! Thanks so much for sharing! May I ask how tall you are and how you find the diff sizes? I just want to get an idea of the diff sizes of bags on diff sizes of people.
  13. [/B]ChiGirl, LuvPurse: Thanks!! =)

    Varsha: The Anis city and Seafoam First have moved on to new homes, but i still have my lilac city and the seafoam twiggy. =)

    Gloss Gal: I love your name/handle.. i'm a lip gloss girl myself.. (if that was what you meant).. the Weekender IS quite alot bigger than the city, my weekender in that pic is just really slouchy and soft compared to my lilac, so I couldn't get her to sit straight., but the city is much more narrow in the base.

    ie: if you carry alot of medium sized, hard items in the work/weekender, things will be MOVING aroung alot.... but if you have a huge sweater or scarf in there with your books/wallet/bottle/umbrella/magazine.. then it will kinda keep things in place.. although my mobile and keys are always hard to find in the bigger bags..

    Avery: I'm almost 5"7. =) And i love the big bags.. in fact.. i think i have pictures of me carrying them (took them for AmourN20 once)..

    I've attached 2 pictures of my carrying the Turqoise Work and the Pewter Weekender.. I'm almost 5"7.... 125 lbs.. excuse the daggy clothes...

    Also, nicole is i think 5"2? she's carrying the turqoise WORK as well.. looks much bigger on her than on me i think..
    DSCF3107.JPG DSCF3104.JPG Nicole%20and%20Adam%20share%20a%20hug%20and%20kiss%204.jpg
  14. hey luvpurse i was thinking about getting a weekender at one stage - but thought i'd better just get a work instead... i'm only 5'1 and i was looking through some of the threads... i think its called "whats in ur b-bag?" and it had pics of ppls b-bags... this REALLY helped me decide what size i'd like to go for next... plus, i PM-ed one PF member (esiders) and she helped me out LOADS... i swear i probably could crawl into the weekender... BUT hey... this is only my 2 cents... totally go with what you LOVE!!! let the b-bag fever begin.... weeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  15. When did Balenciaga come out with the work? What year?

    waterfalls- you have the most gorgeous collection!!!!:love: