Anyone has a Sony Mylo?

  1. I saw this in my NM In Circle magazine. Looks super cute. Does anyone know what that is exactly? Is that like a Blackberry or more like a sidekick?
  2. I'm resurrecting this old thread because I'm interested in getting one of these!! I know I can use it for skype, I can get on the internet (wi-fi) and take pics with the camera that's on there (1.3 MP) and use a pro-duo card to store files/music.

    I just want to know how well the skype and the wi-fi works. And how the wi-fi connection works within a long/short distance. IE: McDonals has free wi-fi. Do I have to sit in the McDonalds to get the connection, or, if I'm down the street, is the connection strong enough?