Anyone has a prob with "Crooked" zipper?

  1. Hi, I have an Inferno Ciaociao and th ezipper doesn't looke straight to me when I unzipped it. It looks like the pic of the pirata caramella in azalea website.
    If you zoom at the bag, it looks clearer.
    The zipper is working well but it just gets in my nerve.
    Lesportsac should have a higher standard of inspecting the final product of tokidoki bags !
  2. okay I zoomed in on the picture at the Azalea web site and I'm not getting what you mean by "crooked". Looks fine to me.....
  3. I noticed that about some of my bags too.
  4. The actual zipper isnt crooked but if you look at the pathway of the zipper its wavy and it should be straight. I hope that makes sense.
  5. Yeah, said it better than me LatteGirl.. i probably should edit it to WAVY instead.
    LatteGrl: dont you just hate it when you see the wavvy zipper and you pull and pull and pull to make it straight?
  6. I was thinking the same thing the first time i was out shopping for tokis, but when I opened the zipper, it worked I didnt bother worrying anymore!
  7. I guess when they sew the bags sometimes they are not that careful. I have seen this before in the regular LeSportsac line too. So normally when I buy any LeSportsac bag I would make sure the zipper is not crooked if I can pick the bag myself.
  8. Yeah, I know what you mean but I guess I got used too. You got such awesome prices on your bags that I guess it makes it worth it.
  9. I have some things w/ a zipper like that too but they work fine. only issue i have is my adios star zucca has a rough's the worst zipper that I have on any toki bag...suX!:sad:
  10. My pirata denaro is really tough to zip and my mamma mia pirata is tough too.
  11. I wonder why there are zipper issues now :sad: ..I don't have any problems with any of my older toki zippers. That's gotta stink if it's hard to zip/unzip your denaro.
  12. yah, the outside pocket of my pirata gioco is hard to zip... good thing it is only the side pocket, if it was the main part I would have exchanged it!!