Anyone has a Kensington?

  1. Lately, I've been checkiong out the Kensington - does anyone have this bag, and how do you like it? I have tried it on and found that it sits well under my arm, but I'm on the fence about the open top - would normally prefer a zipped top. Love the design, especially the 3 postman locks in a row - and have been looking at the Brompton as well. (Brompton is basically the same bag, but in croco print leather and without the two small zipped front pockets) To me , this would be the same kind of bag as the east/west bayswater - a semi-formal shoulder bag that could be dressed up or down, and a work bag for days when you dont carry a lot of stuff.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. And some pics of the kensington:
    img10153095920.jpeg m-hh6819342f31-cho-d.jpg m-hh6819342f31-cho-e.jpg m-hh6819-342a1-bk-c.jpg m-hh6819342g11-oak-c.jpg
  3. I really like it. I saw a girl in Bath carrying a caramel coloured one and she looked so funky.
    I've a couple of open topped bags- Hanover & Phoebe - and I haven't had any problems re security or things falling out.
    I prefer the look of the Kensington to the Brompton - those little zipped pockets & 3 postmans' locks give it a distinctive feel.
  4. I really like the Kensington,one problem though.........what color!!!??? Its gorgeous in all the colors!!
  5. I was thinking oak - would look great for summer and age beautifully. On the other hand, I also have an oak Hannover on my wishlist, so maybe not. Choco, perhaps? Or black? Hmmm.... will have to think about that.... I also saw a bi-coloured Kensington somewhere, in oak/choco if I remember correctly, that was truly stunning.
  6. [​IMG]

    Like this one?? Sorry the pics a bit small
  7. Yep, that's it! Maybe a little over the top, compared to the others. But I like the oak and chocolate together, they look yum-yum together...
  8. Wow, you just read my mind, Chaz :lol:
    Think I would choose the black though, since I have no black Mulberries (yet, haha)...
  9. I tried this bag out on christmas eve when I realised it was going into the sales.
    I must say its a lovely bag but Very open at the top , if you have the lock on the last one ,so that the bag closes at the top the bag looks silly and all nipped in(so to speak!!)
    Couldn`t have this bag where I live - far to many pickpockets about!!
  10. Hello!

    I have the Kensington in antique blonde / oak in darwin leather. I really love it. It is only a recent acquisition, but it is fast becoming one of my fave Mulberries. I find it fits comfortably under the arm, if you wish to wear it that way, but equally it hangs nicely if carried in the hand (if you know what I mean!) I prefer to keep the lock in the central opening - it seems to even out the bag somehow. I have had a few open topped bags in the past & have a habit of leaving zippered ones open anyway so can't say that this bothers me. The zippered section is probably big enough to take a purse (sorry, wallet Kroquet!) if this is a major concern.

    I also like the fact that, although the leather is lovely and soft, the bag itself is pretty sturdy & keeps its shape.

    Would definitely recommend this one!
  11. Beautiful design bag but I would be worried about someone getting their hand in it, I worried about that with my Phoebe but when it is on your shoulder the opener is kept tight, not enough room for even the smallest hand to get in there, would this be the same?
  12. Thanks Jue for the purse /wallet!!

    Love the Kensington and I kept looking at it during the sale, but would have a hard time deciding on a color!! Looks like it fastens well, I think!

    The only problem I have with bags that have an open top is if I slam on the car brakes, which in the traffic I drive in, happens daily, and then everything goes flying out!!:yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky:

  13. Stop driving like Schumacher then! Honestly, there was I imagining you pottering around like in Driving Miss Daisy!! :lol:
  14. Hahahaha!! So funny!!! :lol::nuts:
  15. Sounds great, thanks for the input! Still a bit worried about the open top, but I will try it out again next time I go to my Mulberry shop.