Anyone has a Cartier santos Demoiselle with pink MOP Dial?

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I was wondering if anyone has a Cartier Santos Demoiselle with pink MOP dial and pink crown spinel.
    I am deciding between the white and the pink every picture and wristshot would be very much appreciated! :smile:

    The pink demoiselle is on my mind for a long time, but as I´m older now, I wonder if the pink is too girly...what do you guys think?

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. Anyone?
  3. Don't get the pink! The white is so much more classic and classy!
  4. Hm, I thought it would be a bit different since I already have two watches with white face...that is why I wanted pictures to see how "pink" the pink really is...
  5. I agree with LoveingDiamonds… I had a pink face Roadster for about 3 years- got sick of it…. sold! Stick with white-classy!
  6. I get your point bluster, but I never felt attracted to a metallic pink, especially not with the black numerals...but the pink MOP I could definitely like...if I could only see a wrist shot. When you google it, there a plenty of pics, but none when the watch is actually worn and in daylight.

    So what about the ladies who have a Cartier Ballon Bleu with pink MOP dial? I guess it´s the same pink color. What do you say?
  7. I dont have a demoiselle but i really love that watch. Personally i feel that the mop face is dressier than the white face. I do like the pink mop lots, but then i like pink in general so maybe i'm biased : p

    U can't go wrong with either choice, the white is classic, but u sound like u prefer the pink mop? I think choose what u really want; l dont feel it is too girly : )

    Good luck with your choice!
  8. I had a pink mop tank. Sold it cause I didn't wear it.

    Its a very pretty dial and not to obvious pink. If thats what you prefer than get it. I like it better than plain white.
  9. oops. sorry-missed the MOP part. I had in my head it was a pink dial. I think you can't go wrong either way. The pink MOP is subtle and a bit dressier than the white. Depends what look you are going for, OP… Fun decision! GL
  10. Thank you all for your replies!
    I liked this watch with the MOP for about 8 years now. But since I´ve become older I don´t know if the pink isn´t too much...but I totally love it from the pictures I have seen. Only since it´s not available to purchase at Cartier anymore, I can´t try it on first to see how it looks in person.
    Anyway I think I will get it with the pink dial, the white dial Demoiselle just doesn´t speak to my heart as much as the pink does.
    So pictures and more opinions are very well appreciated :smile:
  11. Hi Lovingdiamonds, If you go to Ebay and search for the exact watch there's one for sale by hara-and-co with good pictures to give you an idea of how it looks IRL. It is very pretty and very subtle; you could wear it with anything. I would definitely get the pink dial and it's the one you love!
  12. Thanks for the tip! I already checked it out and I really love it! There was also a Tank Francaise with pink MOP dial as a suggested item and I have to say, I don´t liked this AT ALL. Just does´t suit the TF in my opinion.
    The Demoiselle on the other hand - I think the pink looks beautiful, so feminine, as is the watch itself. So I´m almost 99% sure I will get the pink one. Ladies I´m so excited!!! Hope to get it soon and I will post then.

    In the meantime, more opinions and of course - pictures pleeeease!!!! :smile:
  13. Hi ladies :smile:
    I just wanted to give you an update on what I decided on!
    I finally choose the Demoiselle with the pink face. I already have a white faced watch and on the Demoiselle I think the pink MOP just looks more feminine.
    I hope it will be here soon, so can´t wait!!!!!! I´m sure I will love it and am so happy!