anyone has a Bottega Veneta out there?

  1. ok, i've never been a fan of BV until i actually went to TOUCHED one. "OMG, i'm in touble" was my first thought. last time the same thing happened to me was with my b-bags:drool: the leather is just AMAZING!!! beyond description~ if you're a fan of balenciaga like me, u'll also appriciate BV.

    since i don't know anyone who owns oneIRL , i'm despriated to find out how BV over time? is it as yummy as b-bags?(i tend to compare those two) is it good for everyday use? i would love to get a woven hobo b4 my offical purse ban starts~:crybaby:

    thanks a lot ladies!
  2. i own three BV's, the hobo and two the same style BV in tan and the other in chocolate. Totally amazing and it ages really nice too more softer more sloucher. Every girl should at least own one bottega imo :love:
  3. have one in a goegeous orange suede nappa leather.
    it's so soft and beautiful and has the greatest smell of leather among all of my other leather bags :P
  4. I have one BV:


    The leather is beautiful and very soft, but it does suffer from colour transfer; with mine, the black dye has smudged, slightly, onto the red leather.

    So, you have to avoid wearing clothes that are lighter coloured than them. :yes:

    ETA: I forgot to add, that I carried this bag, almost everyday, for about 6 months and it held up really well. Although, I am gentle on things. :biggrin:
  5. ^^^^^Dang, I love that bag!

    I'm a huge BV fan. Right now I have 3 vintage bags (just sold one) and large hobo, a med. flap shoulder bag, a braided handle satchel, a mini bag, and a couple of wallets. All but the satchel are woven. They are fantastic, wear incredibly well, and just get softer. The one I sold is probably 20+ yrs. old and still in near-perfect condition. But I had bought a new one in the same color and knew I wouldn't be using it much.

    I use the clutches occasionally, but the hobo, shoulder and satchel are everyday bags for me and they're fine, very durable, IMO.
  6. it's a really really cute bag~~~imaging my hands lay on it now~~~:drool:
  7. I have been eyeing the woven ones for a long time now. I've always worried that since the leather is so soft, that it would scuff easily and show wear. Is that true?
  8. pursemama like all bags it would eventually show a bit of wear but so far my bv's has not yet shown any i use the hobo a lot the two other i havent used yet. its holding up great and the leather goes softer as it ages.. It very durable
  9. Here's my Bottega Veneta Hobo in all its glory :love: i love bottega bags they are my absolute favorite :love:
    Bottega Veneta Hobo.jpg
  10. Totally know where you're coming from, cos I'm in love with both Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga! Love that both leathers are sooooooo delicious, and how they both are so "discreet"!!!

    Too broke after my Work to get a BV hobo, so hafta be content with a wallet (birthday gift from the bf!) until I've got enough stashed away. But when I do, ooooooooh. :graucho:

    The leather on my wallet is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO soft! :love: From a B-bag lover to another, I'm pretty sure you NEED a BV hobo before your purse ban!

    p/s Pics please!!! :P

  11. :nuts: ...
    :drool: ...

  12. this is my BV, but mine is in bright orange :P
    it's very soft and had good smell, but you have to be reallt careful wearing this bag cause it gets dirty quite easy.
    HUNGF__3_.JPG.jpg HUNGF__4_.JPG.jpg
  13. I have the BV ball bag in chocolate and it's the softest leather ever even softer than Balenciaga. I love both Bbags and BV. I can't understand how I could ever lived without my BV before.
  14. IMO, BV actually has better leather than Bbags, although both are quite smooth and squishy. I love the grain on BV ...
  15. i love BV.. i have few of them.. i kinda like the roomy ones more, with that soft leather, they're just gorgeous!