anyone has a black jumbo caviar flap with an anthentic card starts with 7?

  1. Hi there, i recently bought a bag from eBay. Is the inner zipper pull has a golden color circle CC and is the pull says EP in the zipper. Do u know what year is that? it starts at 78.....the inner flap (the insider cover with caviar has a lot of wrinkles, do u have the same problem?)
  2. I think a 7 bag is from 2002-2003? I have a 6 bag from 2001-2002? it also has the wrinkles problem on the interior flap.
  3. thanks so much! Now u comfort me a bit since your bag has the same problem. The chanel SA told me they never seen that problem... At first i thought i got a fake one...BTW, is your zipper pull also has golden circle with CC logo and the pull says with EP? thanks so much
  4. just wondering, does you tag says 00v?
  5. KK1, answered on your other post here....

    Faircherie, I'm not sure what tag you are talking about.

  6. the tag w/ the bar code, it starts w/ 00V follow by something like A28600... (the style number)
  7. blkladylaw and kk1, both of you got a wonderful deal on the jumbo, now you would have to pay double, if not more than double the price both of you bought it for. You're both very lucky.