Anyone happen to have any pics of pre-fall Tods bags?

  1. I saw some on the Neiman site, wasn't to excited about them.
  2. Agreed. I saw them this morning too. Long shoulder straps are coming back apparently, especially for 7" deep bags. Frankly I could never comfortably wear a Kate or Paro on my shoulder. The combo of really deep bag and double, short shoulder straps makes it impossible unless you are very, very thin or have really broad shoulders. So, at least it makes sense. I just don't like the look. :smile:

    I am wondering if the Benji will show again for Fall. I think I may be interested in it. I wasn't at first and then I tried it on last weekend and was surprised at how great it felt on. The Benji is completely off now. :sad2:
  3. I like the benji also except for the buffalo leather they use. Scratches to much.
  4. My hubby bought me the BENJI=I had to take it back because it was too small AND covered in scratches...For that price..the leather shouldnt be sooo easy to destroy!
  5. [​IMG]LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!