Anyone had tooth extraction? How long did it take you to heal?

  1. I just had my molar extracted this morning. For those of you who have had tooth extraction, experience and how long did it take you to heal?
  2. When I had one molar removed, here's my experience (from what I remember, it was a couple years ago)
    - the day of the surgery, I was OK in the morning because of the anaesthesia given to me during the procedure, then in the afternoon that wore off and I was pretty uncomfortable. I used ice packs and took the pain pills prescribed by my oral surgeon. I wasn't too hungry but I was able to eat stuff like soup, yogurt, etc. My mouth was pretty stiff and sore at that point, so I didn't feel up to brushing my teeth, just rinsing very gently with salt water.
    - the next day, I was swollen and my jaw felt stiff, but I was in less pain than the night before. I did take pain meds, but it might have just been ibuprofen. I was still pretty tender, so soft foods like yogurt, soup, and, oddly, scrambled eggs worked best for me.
    - by the third day I felt pretty much back to normal! Very little pain, definitely ibuprofen was enough to handle it. Still eating soft foods because the incision is tender and you don't want to irritate it. Still a little swollen but not terrible. Definitely able to brush my teeth, except for maybe around the removal site.

    On the other hand, my stepmom had a molar removed a few months ago and that night she was up to eating pasta and chicken! She had almost no pain or swelling, I couldn't believe it!

    Overall recovery will be pretty quick and the pain will not last long. Get lots of rest today and you'll feel better soon! Also, remember that no matter how good you may feel, it's very important to follow your surgeon's instructions about what to do/eat/not eat during this time.
  3. Just be extremely careful that you don't get a dry socket! Those are caused by drinking anything through a straw or any other kind of sucking motion. The clot is the healing process, and once that is gone, you will have exposed bone with nothing to cover it up. Then it will be painful. If you just use some ice in the morning and warm washcloth compresses in the evening, you should be okay. Just don't slurp soup either! You should be feeling pretty good to do anything you wish but will have some dull discomfort for about 4 or 5 days or so.
  4. I've had two different experiences. The first one took a while to heal as they had to cut the gum and I got a bit of a dry socket. The second one went really well - didn't get any swelling and was back on solid food in no time
  5. Over a week
  6. Just had my molar also removed on 1/22 and still healing.

    To date I'm still really careful with what I eat, I clean the site with the plastic syringe they gave me, and I rinse with salt water

    Yesterday I experienced some persistent pain around the site. I called the surgeon's office and they said it's most likely becoz the bone is still healing. And since I'm trying to chew on that side of the mouth now, the other teeth are 'complaining' coz there's no more bone there.

    My biggest issue was the antibiotics made me nauseous so I had to stop taking it.

    Anyway as long as you follow the post op instructions then you should be fine.
  7. I had my wisdom teeth removed nearly two weeks ago and I'm still on the mend. The right side is taking longer to heal since both teeth were impacted, and I still have numbness in my lips and chin. I wasn't expecting this since I had heard from other people that they were fine after a few days.

    It's definitely a ymmv situation.
  8. Thank you everyone, I was able to eat some soup (no slurping). The bleeding finally stopped, although it did take over an hour to do so. It's a dull pain but am still slightly numb. I hope this is a speedy recovery, the process itself was a little painful.
  9. I had my wisdom teeth out a few months ago and I was better once the anesthesia wore off and eating normal foods after a day. Seriously, no vicodin (it actually made me sick). People just heal differently.
  10. i had 4 wisdom teeth taken out at once. all i did was ice, ice, ice. i was able to go out the next day! (but i seriously iced all day & night) gl!

    to totally feel better, i'd say it was about a week. but appearance wise, i was fine a day later- due to icing.
  11. I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out less than a month ago and this was my experience too. It was too bad because I was really forward to milking it for a lot of ice cream!
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    i had one about oh two years ago, removed two at the same time on same side, so numb i didn't feel a thing...had five shots of novacain that day so i never felt a thing, and even after it wore off never felt nothing except a tiny ache where i had bit down on guaze too hard cause i couldnt feel how hard i was biting to keep pressure on it afterwards...took it a good while to stop bleeding...litterly to 11 that night...wasn't no big thing really...ate regular food yet soft food like cheeseburgers, chewed on opp pain, healed pretty fast...within a week or so if i remember right.
  13. Did anyone get a bridge done in place to fill in the space? Mine isn't a wisdom tooth, I too had all four wisdom teeth removed at once when I was 22 and it was a terrible experience. This is a regular molar, although you can't see it when I smile, etc. *I* am still aware the tooth is not there.

    For those who got a bridge, how much did this cost?
  14. You should really consider getting a bridge. All your back teeth will migrate forward, and even though it is microscopic, eventually the space will close a bit, but your back teeth behind the hole will tip forward which will throw off your bite. This might not happen for a few years, but even kids who go through ortho always have to have a retainer because if they don't their teeth will move eventually, too. Bridges are expensive. I'd probably venture to say that it would cost you over $1200, more or less......
  15. ^Thank you, I found out it is $2,700.00 (I lack dental ins.). It's a fixed bridge where there is a fake tooth inbetween two crowns.