Anyone had their tonsils out as an adult?

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  1. I am 30 yrs old and I am getting my tonsils out on Tuesday. I'm scared! I am getting the coblation procedure done, which is a little better than the scalpel method but it will still be rough. Just wondering if any of you have been through this? thanks
  2. No, I can certainly understand your nervousness though, I still have mine. I watched my siblings all go through this procedure as kids eating nothing but ice cream and jelly. Not sure how I would've handled that part at the time because I cannot have dairy. I'm sure you will be fine, best wishes for a speedy recovery. :flowers: :heart:
  3. i did. i think i was around 25. i had the traditional method. i am not going to sugarcoat it, it is supposed to be more painful as an adult, but your doctor will give you pain meds to keep you comfortable. good luck.
  4. Good luck Lori! Let us know how it goes.. I'm 32 & really need mine out. I've been putting if off for years. In the end, I think it will totally be worth it for you.. Hope your feeling better ASAP :flowers:
  5. I was 18...not exactly old, but not a young kid the other poster said, the recovery will be a little tough but you will get pain meds to help you through...
    Just have lots of popsicles at the house....

    Good luck! Maybe your way will be much better than the old way?
  6. Good luck on Tuesday!! Hopefully the meds will take care of the pain! I know it's a little worse than when your young, but probably not that bad.....(I hope). Hope you do great!!!!
  7. My brother did it was not good to be honest. I'm sure you'll be fine!
  8. I had them taken out as a child with the old method...I dont recall it being too bad...Im sure you will be fine :biggrin:
    Good Luck
  9. I was pretty "old" too--I think I was in my mid-20's. It wasn't that bad actually. The worst part was getting sick from the Vicodin. Throwing up after getting your tonsils out is icky. I wasn't in much pain but took the meds because they told me too. Unfortunately, it turns out Vicodin doesn't work too well for me!
  10. I got all four yanked in my mid-20s too, and honestly didn't think it was bad and I can be wussy on certain things. I DO however remember it seemed like months before I could speak normally again - I felt I had a sudden lisp out of nowhere even when all felt healed - which was particularly embarrassing because I got them pulled before leaving one job's dental insurance, and had to go job hunting with my new 'tongue'! But perhaps I was the only one who noticed - I got the first job I applied for. Hope yours goes well with no odd side-effects!
  11. My brother's girlfriend just had them out at the beginning of this month. At first it didn't seem too bad, but a few days later when the scabs fell out of the back of her throat it was painful for her. Vicodin didn't really work for her and it made her nauseas. The doc gave her toradol instead which made her feel much better. I think if you just make sure you have the right pain meds you'll do fine. Goodluck Lori!
  12. My brother's girlfriend is 22.
  13. vicodin is pretty hard on your stomach. one has to take it with food which you can't eat because of the surgery:blink:. and to take it with milk really does not help much. i had demorol but i believe they do not like to prescribe it much now.