Anyone had their eyes lasered?

  1. Hey everyone, my mother said that I could get my eyes lasered over Christmas break and I was wondering if any of ya'll had had this procedure done and if you're happy with the results. I have wanted to get this done for a while, I hate having to mess with contacts. Would be happy to hear your experiences! :smile:
  2. my 2 sisters had it done. THEY LOVE it!!! MAke sure the package you get includes free touchups. There were no complications, for a couple of weeks they were uncomfortable and one of my sisters had to take painkillers but she said it was worth it.
  3. ^^^I'm glad they are happy with it! I'll remember that about the package including free touchups...thanks for sharing!
  4. I had it done. LOVE MY RESULTS!!!! There is nothing like waking up to perfect vision. But I believe there are a couple of threads on this already. Maye here or the beauty section. They should answer all your questions.
  5. I had LASIK about 7 years ago, and it was truly the best money I ever spent.
    I think if you've worn glasses or contacts, you will love the results, if you are a candidate for LASIK. Make sure you find someone board-certified to do this procedure, someone with TONS of experience. There are alot of "mills" out there that offer great discounts, but poor results. Good luck.
  6. I love it.
    I felt a bit uncomfortable the first day, but no pain. I am doing GREAT, no complications, everything looks so much brighter!
    My vision was HORRIBLE. I was wearing -9.5/-10 contact lenses, and even w/ those it was fuzzy! Wearing glasses gave me a terrible migraine. I wanted to do it for AGES, but I wanted to be done w/ my law school/bar exam stuff first. Then I chickened out and didn't do it until this year.
    I feel so much better and my frequent headaches are gone!
  7. Love it!! Can see so cleary now!
  8. I had it done years ago as well, probably 8-9. I would do it again in a second. My contacts were totally uncomfortable due to dry eyes, and it's so much better than dealing with that. Mine only hurt the day I had it done. I was surprised how badly it hurt right afterward -- I could barely open my eyes and was super-teary (so make sure you have someone drive you; there's no way you could drive yourself home.) I took a Tylenol PM when I got home, napped for about two hours, and felt way better when I got up. And, all of a sudden, I could read the little ticker thing on the bottom of CNN with no glasses, no contacts, nothing!
  9. Thanks everyone for sharing! I am going for a consult next week hopefully. I can't wait to say bye bye to contacts and glasses forever!
  10. I have a consultation on November 14th, and will have the surgery sometime in early January (when the new insurance FSA kicks in for reimbursement). I'm glad there's other tPF'ers going through this at the same time too!
  11. Just had mine touched up 2 weeks ago. I have to say, it was much more pleasant the first time around! Part of the touch-up procedure got me as close to a panic attack as I have ever been.
  12. My husband and I each had it done 8+ years ago and it has been wonderful. We just let our18 year old son get his done before he left for college. Please use a board-certified ophthalmologist though because I have heard of others who have had problems.
  13. I got mine done 4 months ago and have recommended it to everyone I know. I had the PRK done!
  14. Wow, your eyesight was almost as bad as mine before Lasik!

    I got it done & love it! I can't believe I didn't do it sooner & sometimes I wake up & can't believe I can see. Just make sure to go to a good doctor, it's worth paying extra because you only have one pair of eyes :smile:
  15. ooh I really want to get it done. But the thought of it is quite scary, playing with your eyes. But I know of 6 or so friends that have all gotten it done and are really happy with the results. Only one had to go back in for a touch up though.