Anyone had their eyelashes permed?

  1. Did it turn out well? How long did the effect last? :wlae:
  2. :lol: Are you kidding me?? This can be done??:lol: :shame:
  3. yes! hmmm i guess it could last 4 a month.. but mind you... oooh :rant: you'll gonna get pissed while their :censor: doing it 'coz u have to close your eyes for about an hour, but after that, poof, you'll gonna look great!:yahoo: i swear.. bt its just me..:P ..try it.. or why dont you try the MOdelco lashwand:tender: , its a heating device :girlsigh: for a do-it-yourself lash curler.. :yahoo:
  4. I had it done a couple of times. The procedure took about an hour but when it was done it made my eyes a lot bigger. My lasted about 2 month.
  5. i got mine permed last year, and they lasted for about 2-3 months. i'm thinking about doing it again this year. my eyes looked flawless. :rolleyes: however, i read in other forums that some people get their eyelashes looking hella frizzy. iono, depends who does it for u.
  6. Mine are! This was recent and it's my first time so I don't know yet how long they last. But I love how they make me look more awake.
  7. someone post before and after pics....i have never even heard of this process
  8. And what is the approximate cost? Where do you have it done? I really woke up when I read this. I could throw my #&$(*#@%* eyelash curler away. I detest that thing and it never gives me the results I want.
  9. I've never heard of this before either! Very interested to learn more about it...