Anyone had their car shipped before?

  1. I might need my car shipped from Oregon to SoCal in January, and I'm just wondering if anyone has done this before, and about how much did it cost you (and how many miles was it and type of car, etc)?
  2. Hey where do you live? I live in Oregon too :smile:

    I can't help you with your problem as the only experience with car shipping is from the Army so it is free and they have contractors. grrr...sorry!!!!
  3. When I moved to Hawaii I shipped my car there, and when I moved back about 2 years later I shipped it back! It was an old Camry, nothing fancy but my dad bought it for me and since I had to move back after he passed away, I didn't want to sell it. This was more than 10 years ago and there was only 1 company that shipped cars back and forth to Hawaii, it cost maybe $500 or so.
  4. Eugene and Portland (I go to UO). Lucky, maybe I should join the army! :p
  5. We had our Mercedes ML shipped from FL to CA for about $1,000. Long way.
  6. Wow thats kind of cheap for cross country, how many miles was that? The quotes I've been getting have been around $500 for about 1000 miles.
  7. this was back in 1996: we shipped our old toyota camry door-to-door to our niece in CT for college. found a middle man and saved almost half. cost around $300. terrific service. i was very very pleased.
  8. We had our vintage mercedes convertable shipped a few times, along with another mercedes from Florida to NJ and NJ to Florida.....
    I think it was about $1,600 for two cars. What we wanted was a covered truck like a normal moving van--not those open ones that you see all the car dealers cars on. The cars also were the only cars---what I mean no double decker cars where you had cars on top of your car too---which meant all sorts of stuff can drip down from the top car engine.... We wanted to make sure out cars got to us in perfect shape.
  9. This was back in 2000, I had my car shipped from Texas to Virginia. The loading bed would only accomodate 3 cars, so no double decker one. I don't know if that made a difference in the price or not, but it was around $600.
  10. DH had his car shipped from MA to CA, and it was $1K if I remember correctly.
  11. DH had his car shipped from NY to England in 92 (free-military) and it was destroyed. It had bugs and a flat tire, among numerous other problems. It was a built up trans am and they had a field day with it after it was dropped off to be shipped. That is probably the extreme and it was overseas so it's a little different story. They said he could file a complaint, but nothing ever came of it. And he threw a FIT! I almost thought he would escorted outta there!
  12. for that distance, i would just drive the car. is that a possibility?
  13. My BMW was $800 from South Florida to Northwest Arkansas.
  14. Haha...sorry about the Civil War...just kidding i'm not sorry :p
    I had lots of friends when I went to OSU that were at UO...Eugene is a fun town.
  15. We had a car shipped from Cali to Hawaii for $800 around 10yrs ago.