anyone had their bag monogrammed?

  1. i was thinking of having my birkin stamped.................
  2. I have my black boxcalf Kelly monogrammed.
  3. where is the stamp?
  4. GF - Is a craftsmen the only one that can do this, or do you just bring it to any boutique and they can do it for you?? Wondering. TIA!
  5. It's on the inside of one of the straps - that's where the crafsman recommended it was put. I got to see it being done - fascinating!! We were lucky to have a craftsman visit the store last year, and I had it done was free of charge. They do it in the colour to match the bag. ie: My Kelly has a silver stamp, so the monogramming was done in silver-leaf. They have gold, silver, marron fonce, rouge H, noir...can't remember the rest.

    One of my bags is just heat-stamped with no colour, but has gold hardware, and when I asked about that one, they said they would heat-stamp the monogram, if I ever decide to have that one done.
  6. thanks
  7. no problems. I love monogramming...I'm a bit of a Martha Stewart, in that regard......

    By the way, they can monogram lots of things. Wallets, keyrings....the whole shebang.

    I don't intend selling my bags, so monogramming isn't a problem, but I have seen Kelly's online that have the monogram front centre of the flap, and they don't fetch a good price, generally.
  8. Here's a pic of Andre Leon Talley with his stamped Birkin (love this pic :p):
    Andre Leon Talle Birkin.jpg
  9. oops- I mean HAC
  10. I have a vintage Kelly that is monogrammed under the flap, so it doesn't show....

  11. Ooooo - I like that idea. Thanks Duna!

  12. Thanks for the photo..ive never seen one monogrammed!!:nuts:
  13. I had my Bolide heatstamped. Last year, I started a whole thread on it. It looks really nice.
  14. Living in the "wild west" I asked about having a bag monogramed. They have to be sent to either New York or California. I think they look great.
  15. oops. read my next post instead