Anyone had shingles?

  1. I was diagnosed with shingles on Monday after spending 2 days with this miserable rash on my face that was so painful. I ended up in the emergency room was treated and now my eye is swollen shut. (Ugly picture I know) I am on an anti-viral medication but the swelling is not going away. I was also prescribed Vicoden for the pain
    Anyone have any tips that can speed along recovery?
    I have missed 4 days of work and run up medical bills from two emergency room visits and I am getting quite depressed.
  2. I had it on my chest and It took me a few weeks to see any improvement. I don't have any tips for you. Give it time. I hope that you feel better soon.
  3. Lidoderm 5% patches can help relieve shingles pain...they're not a controlled substance, so your PCP can call them into the pharmacy. You can use up to three patches at a time...12 hours on and 12 off. They can also be cut to fit the area you need them to.

    Zovirax topical cream might also shorten the duration of the outbreak.
  4. I feel for you, C. A friend here has been fighting it. She's been under a huge amount of family stress and I guess that has made it worse in her case.

    For anyone reading this thread, did you know there is a shingles vaccine? People over 50, who have had chicken pox can get the vaccine. It's expensive ($170 here), but dh and I both got vaccinated.
  5. Thanks so much for the tips. I really do appreciate it.:heart:
  6. I hope you have also gone to an eye doctor, if not, you need to go to one right now. When shingles appears, it stays on a specific dermatone. It is very possible that your singles has broken out on the dermatone that includes the eye, if this is the case you need treatment as it will migrate into the eye, which can cause damage, not the type you can repair. Please see an eye doctor right away, this is serious.
  7. Thanks for that info. Well worth it! I have friends whose elderly parents have had shingles, for months.
  8. my BFF grand father just got diagnosed, with this on monday, sad because they were supposed to come to florida next week but will now have to hold off.
  9. Yeowch! I've had shingles... they even spread to my inner thighs - imagine the agony!

    I agree that Zovirax cream relieved the pain a bit but didn't seem to speed up the healing process. The Lidoderm patches that emsbrat suggested sound good too.

    I was on some kind of medication but I can't remember what the name was (the doctor prescribed it). She said that if I had waited another 24 hours, there would have been permanent nerve damage and scarring. Apparently, the treatment window is about 72 hours, otherwise the virus satys much longer and can recur at regular intervals.

    Best advice I can give you? Wash your hands like crazy in warm water if you scratch and burst any of the "boils." Change your towel everyday (it's a pain, but you don't want to spread them around your body) and wash your towels in hot hot water.

    Hope you feel better soon! I was laid up for about a week to a wekk and a half before they started to scab over and heal...
  10. I feel for you, I had it almost 4-5 years ago when I was 15. I had it right underneath my breast.. it was the most agonizing horrible pain ever! They went away after a week and half and I had no feeling in that area for months but I finally got it back. I was prescribed some type of cream and valtrex because its in the herpes family... I don't have any tips but I'm so sorry and hope you get better soon!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  11. How are you, C? I hope it hasn't gotten worse. From what my friend has said, it can flare and calm down, but she's a lot better now. I'm glad Irishgal said something about the eyes. I forgot about that part--that did affect my friend, and it scared the heck out of me, 'cause my eyesight is so poor, I can't afford to have anything go wrong. I'm hoping the vaccine will protect us.
  12. Never had shingles and I'm scared to death of ever getting it. I once knew a lady who roomed with me in hospital who had it all over her back. They had to give her morphine for the pain.

    Keeping you in my prayers hon... hope you get better soon.