anyone had problems with shirts?

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  1. I bought 3 mens Tokidoki shirts from Trendystarscom. When I got them today all 3 had side seams that weren't stitched together normally, but looked like they were serged flat open, instead of twords the inside. I looked at my other Toki shirts and none of them had this. Has anyone heard of this happening before? Here is a pic of one of the seams too.
    Picture 012.jpg .
  2. Are they supposed to be that way maybe?????? IDK...
  3. I don't think that they are. My other 2 toki shirts have a normal seam on them...its a little weird..
  4. Great I just ordered 3 mens shirts from there too.
  5. So far is telling me that Tokidoki recently switched manufacturing companies, so maybe this is the way that they are going to be made from now on. Its a little odd looking though in my opinion, and just doens't look finished to me.
  6. Is the quality bad?
  7. I wouldn't say that the quality is bad, its just weird looking. I talked with Trendystars and they said that all the mens shirts had seams like that, but the womens were normal seams. I don't quite understand why they would do them differently. I'll still keep the shirts becuase I want Tokidoki shirts, but to me it just looks a little unfinished with a seam like that
  8. This is on the outside?
  9. I'm don't know about the shirts, but I just had my momobella necklace come in the mail from's eBay store.. and as soon as I pushed on the clasp so that I could try the necklace on the thing fell apart!!!!!!! I went from being ultra happy to so depressed! I can't believe it. I sent them an email right away and am waiting to hear what they have to say.

  10. These seams are on the outside. They look the exact same as the inner seams. If you keep your arms at your sides it won't be seen, but it just sticks out to me..