Anyone had problems with Revolve Clothing?

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  1. I was trying to use the 30% new buyers discount to buy a Bulga bag at Revolve but the customer service rep. said that the discount did not apply to Bulga. That's funny because I know of at least two people at the purse form who got the discount on Bulga at Revolve. You think I should try again and see if another agent will give me the discount?
  2. I think why not try? The worst another CS person can do is say "no" also. MAybe it is a new policy? MAybe there is another coupon you can use for Bulga from there?

    Good luck - hope you get that discount.
  3. I agree, give it another try. It could be that codes are no longer good for Bulga and they just haven't had time to update their exclusion list yet. I know the new buyers discount has to be applied manually and other codes (like lucky4 for 25% off) are applied automatically at checkout, so maybe that's why other tPfers have been able to get the reduction and you weren't, since no one was able to catch that you're not supposed to use it on Bulga.

    You could always try to place the order and then e-mail them for the discount; maybe they are more lenient with the policy via e-mail than they are on the phone! (If they don't honor that you can always return the bag using their pre-paid envelope :P)
  4. This is the reply I got from their Customer Service rep. I think you should totally call again, or at least send them an email. Don't see Bulga on the list of exclusions! good luck!

    You may place the order and go ahead and email
    or call us with the order/invoice number and we can take the discount
    off for you once we check that you are a first time customer. Please
    remember that do to the manufacturers request, we are not allowed to use
    code matching and coupons on the following brands: Kooba, Seven For All
    Mankind, Hudson Jeans, Nudie Jeans, True Religion, Joe's Jeans, Citizens
    of Humanity and Paige Denim and Botkier. I understand that this can be
    an inconvenience, but unfortunately it is a restriction placed upon us
    by the manufacturer. Thank you for your understanding and we look
    forward to doing business with you!
  5. Keep trying! Sometimes the codes work on things they're not supposed to, sometimes they don't. It's really random...
  6. YOU WERE ALL RIGHT!!! Thank you so much for your support. I guess it totally depends on who you talk to! SO I got the bag at 30% off man that makes a HUGE difference. So if anyone is reading this thread months from now just keep trying and trying and you will get it. The email thing was a great idea.