Anyone had PICC lines for IV antibiotics?

  1. I've been trying to tolerate high level antiboitics for an illness but my stomach hasn't been able to tolerate them. The first set I couldn't take and am trying a new antibiotic now that's supposed to be less harsh. If I can't take it, my next option is IV antibiotics for a month. This scares the heck out of me :wtf: Does anyone have experience with this, what I can expect?

    I would love any thoughts. I just want to get better and am having a hard time w/my stomach accepting these tough antibiotics :crybaby: I don't do well w/meds regardless ever so I'm not surprised, but I don't have much choice as I have to get on the road to being well again!
  2. Well... is this the last option the Dr has offered?? What med is it, if you don't mind my asking?

    Sometimes meds really just do not sit well- and eating does not help. Some times a coating of milk or a product like that helps and sometimes it does not. Really sorry to hear this...

    Lots of thoughts and prayers going your way :heart:
  3. I had IV antibiotics in hospital when the amniotic sac broke early and it took 2 days to get me into labour..... anyways, I was like you, really scared but it isn't a big deal really. they left the tube in until 2 days after the birth (had to have c-section unfortunately) but really don't worry too much.

    what is it you are worried about? sorry, I assumed it was the tube....
  4. Yes, IV is the last resort. I might try doxy 400mg/day or tetracycline 500mg 3x/day. High doses! I didn't do well w/Biaxin and they all cause reflux and are tough on the stomach.

    Right now I'm trying to work up to the supposedly more tolerable approach - 3000mg of amoxicillin/day (currently at 2000mg/day). I have reflux issues though so trying to battle through it by taking Tagamet w/my meal before the antibiotics. I'm also starting probiotics to see if that helps me tolerate the meds. I have been eating w/the antibiotics, milk, the works. Any advice you could share???

    Thanks Megs :idea:

  5. worried about infection and if I can handle doing the meds myself, keeping the line clean....:confused1:

  6. Well amoxicillin is pretty hard for many people to tolerate.. I personally can not handle it AT ALL, but I can handle tetra/doxy (both are also used to clear up acne, random fact!)

    I would see if you could switch antibiotics... before doing the IV. I don't have any better advice to offer... just be strong and rest up and feel better!!!
  7. wow Megs that's encouraging! I might give the doxy/tetra a try then. Did you take 400mg/day out of curiousity? Any advice to give if I decide to go w/one of these? Thank you!
  8. Hi! I am an RN, not giving you any medical advice, LOL, but PICC lines are really easy to take care of. Honestly, it is an awesome device!

    Just to also let you know be careful if you take Tetracycline, because you can't take them with any dairy and on a empty stomach. Tetracycline WILL give you heartburn. Do not take it prior to laying down. Make sure you have 30 mintures after you take it before lying down to go to sleep.

    Unfortunately, I have had to these antibiotics as well. Last year I got MRSE, similar to MRSA, and I had to do rounds of Levaquin, which it was resistant too. Then after my culture and sensitivity test came back found out the only antibiotic that it had some sensitivity too was Tetra. Went on those. Made me sick as a dog, but I took them. Still didn't fix me. Almost had to do Rifampin IV or Zyvox! Strong stuff. Luckily, it was sensitive to Vanc, so I got it IV and it is less harsh than the latter.

    Sorry I went into all that, just want you to know please read the directions written on the bottle and on the pamphlets. What you may be taking to help with the side effects of the antibiotics, may decrease or nullify the effects of the drug. It is important to keep your level of antibiotics at a therapeutic level to kill the bug!

    Don't worry if you have to get a PICC line. They are actually VERY common now and the nurses are happy to show you how to take care of it. They will change your dressings around the site for you, more than likely, all you have to worry about is flushing it and keeping it unclogged. Again, really easy to do!!

    Good luck, hon!! Hopefully you will get through this quickly! PM me if you have any questions or just want someone to talk to! ;)
  9. Also, a really good few stomach meds you should ask your doc about (for your reflux) would be either Protonix or Aciphex! If you do go an Tetracycline you will definately want a good acid pump prohibitor on board.

    Also, for a really bad infection, a dosage of 500mg QID (4Xdaily) is what is usually given. I suspect that will be around what you would take since the thought of IV antibiotics is even being suggested.

    LOL, Ok, I am done!!! ;)
  10. Great advice erdrwife! With proper guidance from your nurse you should be able to manage the line easily. You will be shown how to disifect the ends and flush. The nurse should manage the dressing change. If your stomach cannot handle the oral antibiotics the PICC is the best way to go. I hope you feel better soon and let us know how you're doing.
  11. I had two PICC lines put in (at different times) for treatment of Hyperemesis. My PICC lines were used to feed me my dailys meals since I was taking nothing by mouth.

    They are not bad. Mine were put in under mild anestastia by a Radiologist. It wasn't very uncomfortable to have it in, but the nurses were unfamiliar with taking care of a PICC line. I ended up with two very bad infections.
  12. I am a nurse (21 years) and if you could avoid having something invasive done-the PICC line, that would be better for you. Honestly, a PICC line insetion site just becomes anther potential source of infection for you. It is inserted into the bend of your arm, the tip lies in the superior vena cava, which is the venous entryway to your heart. It's not minor.

    That being said, there are many other meds used to control acid reflex that are more effective than Tagamet. It is rarely used in the hospital setting anymore.

    I've had gastritis, for me Prilosec works very well. I use Pepcid when stressed and get reflux for quick relief.

    I've taken all of the antibiotics you have. Tetracycline is harsh on the stomach, I took Prilosec with it and had no probs.

    Just my 2 cents.

  13. I agree home IV and Picc line setups are common these days you should not be afraid of them just ask your doctor any questions you have thats what doctors are for, and if you are in the hospital it will be well taken care of if in the home you can arrange for home health care or to see someone daily to have it taken care of.
  14. Ok, just curious, and might be a gross question, but since there seems to be such an issue with stomach reactions to the meds, are there suppository forms?
  15. I'm sure there might be, but for what I have I need the antibiotics to get majorly in my blood stream to make a difference...high level antibiotics are needed or thru IV.

    Thanks for the tips everyone - toughing out the 2000mg so far, bumping up to 2500mg tomorrow and keeping fingers crossed!