anyone had lasik done? HELP!!!

  1. I'm going to a consultation tommorrow, what can I expect? and what is average$ to pay per eye?
  2. It's been awhile (4 years) since I had mine, but they generally dialate your pupils and give you a regular eye exam to see if you are a proper candidate for Lasik. You can pay anywhere from $900-2000 an eye.
    I'm very happy with my results, no more migraines!
  3. I have not had it but if I needed it I probably would. There is a danger though of ending up with doublevision. A good friend of mine had that experience but he had his surgery done in the UK. Good to get all the info up front. Best wishes.
  4. DH had it done last Christmas (05) and it was approx. $5000 Cdn. He's overjoyed. His vision is better than 20/20. He went to TLC.

    150% NO regrets.
  5. I had lasik around 5 years ago. I believe it was $5500 for me. Honestly, I love it. It's one of the best choices, I've ever made. I've never really had any problems. You will need rewetting drops though and sunglasses, as your eyes will become more sensitive.

    Hope this helps!:yes:
  6. I had mine done about 9 months ago (also with TLC, but a partner of theirs, Whitten-Perraut in DC). I am so glad that I did it. I forget sometimes that I had worn glasses since the 5th grade!

    Mine was $4200, after I talked them down from $5200. In the consult, they did the traditional eye exam and also put some threads on my eyeballs to make sure they were not dry (this can cause healing problems) and another test for the thickness of my corneas.

    I had no problems with my eyes and went back to work the next monday after having it done on a Friday. Vision was sortof like there was a film over everything for the first day, and it felt like I had soap in my eyes for maybe like 4 hours, but then everything was fine after.
  7. I really wanna get this done. There is a doctor around here doing it for $700 per eye but it usually ranges from $700-$1500 i think???

    Good luck!
  8. I did it in January of 2005. Best money I've ever spent!!! I'm so happy with the results. It was about $2800 for me... DH's employer had a deal going with a doctor here in town.

    Just to give you some perspective, I'd worn glasses since 5th grade and was so near sighted that I couldn't see clearly an arm's length away with out glasses.

    I'm now better than 20/20.

    At the consult they do some measurements of the eye and do some kind of "mapping" procedure that requires you to stare at a bright strobe light thingy without blinking. It was hard for me to do it... took three trys before they got a sufficient map of my eyes.

    The surgery itself takes about 90 seconds per eye and there is no pain. They gave me valium before hand, so by the time they started, I was so woozy that they could have beaten me over the head with a kitchen chair and I would have smiled and asked for more.

    I could see much better immediately after and by the next morning I had 20/20 and drove myself to work. You have to use special drops for about a week or two and that's it.

    I totally say you should do it!
  9. the best thing i did. been wearing glasses, soft and hard contact lenses since 9 yrs. old. had it done in 1999. costs me 4000 for both eyes. i think you should do it. the technology is much better now.
  10. I have not had it, don't know if I am going to as the non-total laser surgery freaks me out a bit. I have heard a lot of people, including some at work, say it was the best thing they have ever done. My uncle had it done, too. He had the full laser one done. Do research and get it done at a reputable place with doctors with a lot of training in Lasik surgery. Good Luck.
  11. thanks for the feedback girls...funny I went to tlc for a consult, they are charging me $4800 for lasik and $5800 for rpk.....I'm going to stahl eye services on monday for another consult!
  12. I did it! and I am the biggest medical chicken ever! Mine was about 3 years ago and cost 4,000- wavefront custom. (like buying clothes from walmart vs. tailor made) I now see 20/10- best thing I ever did! I had it done at 6:00 on friday and woke up seeing perfect sat. morning! My advice is find an independent doctor and check them out well.
  13. hey how old do you have to be so you can get your eyes done. and my doctor told me that i cant get contacts because i tend to focus on one eye. what is that supposed to mean?
  14. Does anyone know about what makes someone a good canidate?

    I finally went to a dr after being nearsighted since I was a teen and he said no doctor would do lasik on me since I didn't have a "history".

    Checking the recommendations from coworkers it seems to run about $4000 for the better doctors.
  15. I believe you have to be at least 18