Anyone had Gel Nails?

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  1. Gel nails are a semi permanent treatment for nails usually in french manicure but I think you can get colours too.

    Has anyone tried them (don't know if they have a different name else where) what kind of condition do they leave your nails in after and how long do the usualy last before they need re-doing?

  2. I think it is much better than acrylic..but still damages your nail. I used to have silk+gel
    Acrylic every 2 weeks refill gel 3-4 case it left me with very thin took about a year to recover but still my natural nails are not that strong.
  3. i had them and they are as damaging as the acrylics in my experience but...

    i have also did them on my own at home as an overlay to help my nails grow out and i was able to grow them out because i didnt score my nails and i would soak and redo them every week.
  4. i've had acrylic, fiberglass, gel and silk. The least damaging out of the 4 is fiberglass and it's also the most expensive. I do like the look of gel nails though but if your hands are always in water then it's not the best choice as the gel will separate quickly
  5. I've had gel nails for almost 4 years. I took a break from them last month because I thought I could be low maintenance for awhile...well, that didn't last very long. My nails are weak without them. I only had them done because I needed stronger nails and I didn't want to have to worry about getting my nails done in case I had to go to some dinner party last minute (only last minute because my DH only tells me about them last minute!).

    If you like the natural look but need stronger nails, then gel nails are the way to go. IMO anyhoo....
  6. I had them and they looked great and lasted quite some time. When they were removed there were all sorts of dents in my nails. My nails looked horrible and it took months and months for the dents to be grown out. Many nail places use a "drill" to file and fill etc...
    The use of teh drill is what causes the ents and can damage the nail beds. The look beautiful but if you are going to get them make sure whoever maintains them uses a FILE only. Unfortunetly fills take longer with the fiing and I think the salons that do it are more expensive.
    My nails were beautiful but my thin damaged nails afterwards made me sad. I love dteh way they looked but would not do it again.
  7. I had them once and they break real easily, Id go with acrylics instead
  8. Personally, I find any kind of artificial chemical product you put on your nails that you can't remove yourself, to be very unsanitary. At least with nail poiish, you just remove it. I have seen women get this done in certain salons. I don't recommend it because they use some kind of motorized drill on your nails. What I would recommend is using Nailtiques for like a month, your nails will be strong and you won't even need any kind of fake nails. If you want your nails to grow quickly, use nutrinail. Within a couple of weeks you will have longer nails.
  9. thanks for the input guys I appreciate it, i don't like the sound of your nails afterwards, I have really strong nails and they are in pretty good condition.

    I love french manicures but don't have time to keep going for them and all the nail varnish I found have chipped too quickly and easily so I was looking for something that would last longer.

    I think I'll pass on these though so on another note anyone know any good long lasting nail varnishes I have a pretty manual job so needs to be quite chip resistant, I had a Dior manicure varnish set and it was absolute rubbish

    thanks again
  10. If you work with your hands where you are constantly washing them, then just put clear polish on. I don't have a really hands on job and even my nail polish chips after like 4 days. Orly makes a good top coat to extend your manicure. You could always try applying a topcoat every third day to extend it.
  11. I was hoping it would be actual gel, like the shoe insoles or my ergonomic wrist rest. What a disappointment.