Anyone had experience with dog and kidney problem?

  1. My dog has not been eating for this past week and her urine is dark yellow.
    So we took her to the vet today and he said that she might have some kidney problem. I browsed the internet and I guess the cause can vary from bacterias to anything unID.

    He took blood sample and sent it to lab. But I cant wait for the test result. So worry about her.

    Any one here has experience with dogs and kidney problems?
    Are they usually curable with medications and good diets?
    I am hoping its just bacterias and can be solved with antibiotics.
  2. The only type of kidney problems I've dealt with really are with cats and it was due to kidney failure, I will pray that this is not the case and please do not get upset by my response because I'm sure if the vet thought this was the case they would have told you. Maybe the situation is more of a kidney infection or bladder infection, I know I've had one or two in my life and they are not fun at all.......I have no business speculating though, you just wait for those results and try to talk to your vet more, good luck, I will be hoping for the best.
  3. My female dalmatian had kidney problems. Her levels were always higher than what they should be but they were normal for her. Does her urine have a strong smell? Is she more thirsty? Are they also testing for diabetes? There is prescription Science Diet food for dogs with kidney problems. Hang in there and keep us posted on the test results. Have you tried making her some rice and hamburger so she eats something?
  4. It turned out that she does not have a kidney problem but a liver problem.
    So the vet gave her an antibiotic and special diet food like you said lv chicago.
    I believe it's hill's.
    So cant wait for her to get better.
  5. I know somebody who have a dog that have kidney/liver problems (I think it might be liver) and he's a healthy and lively dog most of the time, but he has to have his own diet made up of non-dog food.