Anyone had experience with Bags Borrow or Steal?

  1. How's their outlet bags, especially the "gently carried" ones?
  2. I bought a Kooba Chiara from there a while back and when I got the bag it looked VERY used and kind of dirty and there was a pen mark on it. I returned it and they refunded me.
  3. I bought 2 bags from their last sale. One was supposed to be either a 8 or 9/10 and it was filthy, disgusting and nasty so I sent it back. They refunded me without a problem. The other one was supposed to be a 7/10, but it was perfect so I kept it :shrugs:

    I'd definitely order from them again if I saw something that caught my eye...
  4. I talked to the SA online today and I asked whether the "gently carried" implies that it's either "dirty" or "scratched" or "broken". The SA said those are possible. Well... I think that concludes my adventure at BBoS.
  5. You never know-- if its a great deal, I would prob be willing to gamble the shipping to test it out!
  6. I was thinking the same thing after I visited the site today. I wish they had detailed pictures of the exact item they were selling.
  7. I'm surprised to hear that. I spoke to a SA a while back when the sale first started and she indicated that any bags that are damaged are not sold in the outlet sale. I was specifically asking about a particular Chanel bag I wanted, where they originally had 4 in stock, but only 3 were available for sale because the 4th was damaged. It sounded like they were only selling bags in pristine condition, and that's what the ladies in the Chanel subforum seemed to be receiving.