Anyone had any problems with the suede taupe Devin?

  1. I really want a red devin. Since that does not seem possible (except from Kooba website and I can't afford that price right now) I have been looking at the suede taupe Devin. I really love that one also. But I have seen in this forum some comments about the suede being very fragile and hard to keep clean. I have never owned a suede bag. so my question: anyone have the suede taupe Devin? Is is hard to keep clean? is there a suede protector that can take care of this problem?

    I really love the eggplant color but not excited about any of the style of bags it comes in. Wish they had eggplant in other style bags.

  2. Dyannek..

    The red Devin auction lists the quantity as 2, so you have double the chance of winning one! :wlae: