Anyone had a quality issue with Dior?

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  1. I don't know what it is about my luck with quality problems with luxury bags, but I have just purchased a pre-owned Lady Dior Mini, and the grommet is wonky, it's not level, the angle is wrong. (There is also a stitch loose as well, but I'm not sure whether that is Dior's fault or the fault of the previous owner) I'll post a couple of photos later to show you what I mean. I'm a bit concerned they won't be able to fix it, as I bought it pre-owned.

    Has anyone else had any issues with Dior bags? And how did Dior handle the problem? Are they likely to fix it or exchange? I know they are known for their excellent customer service.
  2. Please post some pictures. If you don't mind me asking, did you get your bag authenticated at some point? Buying pre-owned runs the risk of getting a fake, and the quality of fakes doesn't compare with an authentic bag.

    It may actually be a quality problem if your bag is authentic.

    Dior may be able to repair a bag that you did not purchase directly from them. I have done that before, although that was a while ago. I don't know if their policy changed now.
  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for your reply. No I didn't get it authenticated, which is a bit silly of me. But it's from a trusted uk consignment site, that guarantees authenticity. I will post it in the authenticate thread now, fingers crossed!

    Thats good to know, thank you. It's my first Dior bag (definitely not my last!) It was bought from Harrods in March, it came with the card, dustbag and box, but no receipt so I'm not sure if that would be a problem.

    Also I don't know whether I would get charged for the repair, did you have to pay for yours?

    I'm tempted to send the bag back to the consignment shop, even though they say there's no returns. The item was listed as new and there is a slight mark on the handle, and the loose stitch. But I got it for £1500, do you think that is a fair price? I'm not sure on whether it was a good deal or not.

    Thank goodness for the purse forum, because I'm sat here furiously typing, and stressing out about the whole thing!
  4. I had to pay for my repairs but I don't mind. I just wanted my bags fixed. The price was very low actually, much lower than I expected. I mean, it depends on how much work needs to be done, of course. The highest I paid was $75 to replace a hanging tag which is very reasonable. If the tag was sold alone it would cost a lot more.

    May we see pictures of the bag here to see its condition and also the flaws that you mentioned? It's hard to see if it is worth the price if we don't know the condition. Thanks!
  5. I’ve added a few pics to show what I mean. Please tell me if it’s all in my head! but the grommet on the right looks wonky to me.
    My mum noticed it too. I then compared it to her medium LD and hers is straight.

    Also the stitching is even on one side of the bag, I’m not sure if this normal for a mini lady dior. But again, my mums is perfectly symmetrical.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    The bag does come with the shoulder chain strap as well
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  7. The LDs are meant to have a narrow top and gradually gets wider at the bottom, which is meant to mimic a woman's waist. Your mini LD looks absolutely fine to me to be honest.
    That mark can be gently removed by a leather lotion. The stitch hanging out is also very normal. If it bothers you, just carefully snip it with a small scissors. I do that all the time :smile:
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  8. May I please see a picture of the interior tag of this bag? Thanks! I'm going to try to authenticate this for you. It looks okay so far, but I want to be sure to see if this is indeed a quality issue.
  9. Thank you so much that would be amazing. I’m totally new to Dior so I’m not sure if the wonky grommet is a fault/issue or if I’m being too picky!

    I’ll link my post, I hope this works!
    Authenticate This DIOR
  10. Sorry I missed your post there. It's authentic alright. I do agree with @shoesshoeshoes about how the base is wider than the top, but it does look a bit lopsided. They can't really fix this.

    I wouldn't suggest putting anything on the leather to clean it because the bag is pearlized and a cream may take off the pearlized finish. You can try it first on the tag inside to see if it alters the finish of the leather. If it doesn't change the finish of the leather, then you can try it on the handle. Since it's on the back side, I wouldn't try to remove it in case it ruins the leather.
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  11. No worries, it’s so good of you to take the time to give your advice on authentication.

    Oh thank goodness I’m not seeing things! I thought so too. I’m not too bothered about the mark on the handle and the stitching it’s just the lopsided grommet that I can’t un-see.

    In your opinion do you think £1500 or approx $1931 is a good or bad price for this bag?
    I’m not sure what to do, whether to send it back or take it into Dior if they can possibly fix the wonky grommet or exchange it. Or if Dior can’t do anything, keep it as it is.
  12. Well if it bothers you that much then maybe return it? You can buy this at heathrow tax free for £2000 so if you feel like you wanna pay an extra £500 to get a brand new bag then go for it.

    I think i can see what youre taking about now. Its not an obvious one to notice but i get it, if it bugs you it bugs you.
  13. Once again, I agree with @shoesshoeshoes . Even though it is final sale, you can argue that this is not as described. The lopsidedness of the grommet is a quality issue in this case. They should have been more careful when crafting the bag.
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  14. Yeah I have a stitch that has popped in the back of my diorama. It looks like it is coming loose where the two string come together after going around the bag
  15. Apologies for not replying sooner, I quit my job earlier this week so it's been quite busy!

    Sorry I missed your previous post. That makes me feel better about the loose stitch. I'll definitely try snipping it off with some small scissors.

    I know I'm so annoyed I noticed it! I've emailed Dior with some pictures to see if they can fix it (the wonky grommet) I'm still waiting for a reply. To be honest I'll probably keep it, as its so beautiful and getting to Heathrow for me would be extremely unlikely, I'm terrified of flying! But that really good to know they sell LD at Heathrow. I assumed it'd be like Chanel and they don't sell classics.

    Hi, yes I've been in contact with the consignment shop all they are willing to do is offer a £30 discount off m next purchase! Even though it was described as brand new, and it's not.
    I think I'm going to keep it though, its too beautiful to let go. I'm already bossing over the new My Lady Dior with the Dior badges, although as I quit my job this week I think it'll have to wait!

    Thank you I think so too. As mentioned above, I've emailed Dior with the problem and someone is going to get back to me about what they can do. I hopefully they can send it off to be fixed. I hope Dior isn't like Chanel, where they deny every faulty item and blame it on the fact the it was 'handmade' which is not an excuse in my book!
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