Anyone had a litter of puppies?

  1. It was confirmed today after a week or two of suspicion that my chocolate female lab is pregnant, by hopefully my other chocolate lab. She is kept inside two gates, and has never been unsupervised around any other intact male other than Pete. Of course, this is all my fault because my husband says I don't watch her carefully enough when she is in heat.

    Tips for birthing puppies? My husband is building the whelping box as we speak. She's due in two weeks.
  2. My golden retriever had her first litter about six months ago. She basically delivered them on her own around midnight. Most female dogs I believe will get restless and look for places to nest when they start to go into labour.

    Also, perhaps you should ask your vet about which vitamins he might recommend for your dog to take, to help keep her and the pups healthy throughout the pregnancy, and after as well.

    Hopefully, her mothering instincts are strong. Then you'll be just fine. :yes:
  3. You have to build a box where your dog can get the puppies and where they are safe in their first days. Important is to feed your dog after whelping with vitamins and calcium! Sometimes the *****es get a lack of Calcium, that's very dangerous for all the doggies (in german you say "Milchfieber" = milkfever). A dog can die concerning milkfever. Ask your vet there are compounds where vitamins and calcium is in.
  4. The vet has not recommended any nutritional supplements,hmmm. He has counted seven heads! She started leaking fluid yesterday, but is napping at my feet right now. We can feel the puppies moving around in her belly- it is so cool. I hope we are home when she has them.
  5. please spay your girl after she has her puppies.
  6. I hope your girl's whelping goes smoothly. Has your vet prepared you to assist if a birthing pup is in trouble? Or if the mommy is trouble?

    If this is your girl's first litter it is not uncommon to have a still birth so you might be prepared for that too.

    So do you have homes for the little ones yet???? The birth itself will likely be easy if your ***** is in good health. However, finding appropriate, qualified, and loving homes for the puppies can be very difficult.

    If you haven't already planned homes for each pup you might contact your local Lab club and get them to help you.

    Good luck!

  7. I agree. A litter needs to be carefully planned. I have dogs and *****es but always get the ***** spayed.
  8. Thank you! It is the responsible thing to do.
  9. Absolutely. It is heartbreaking to see the number of unwanted dogs and cats in shelters :push: