Anyone had a cat spayed relatively recently?

  1. My 5-month-old kitten was spayed on Monday. I haven't had a cat spayed in 6 or 7 years, and the surgery is quite different now. She doesn't have any visible sutures, just a spot that looks a bit like a large belly-button. We didn't get great after-care information from the clinic - the receptionist was shouting general instructions to the whole waiting room like a drill sergeant.

    Anyway - of course kitty wants to lick the spot, so she's wearing a cone collar, and it's driving her (and consequently, me) crazy. The shouty lady said "2 weeks" for the collar, but I'm wondering if anyone that's been through this recently knows whether 2 weeks is really required with this internal-sutures surgery?
  2. I've had 2 female cats fixed in the last 2 years and NEITHER one got a cone to wear. They each had about a 1" wound, but they both had stitches.

    Our after care instructions were to make sure they didn't lick it "toooo" much and make sure that they didn't stretch or retch themselves toooo much for 2 weeks, so their stitches wouldn't pop.

    Both of my girls were fine and after 2 weeks I took them back to the vet, they snipped the stitches and that was it, my vet doesn't even schedule a follow up for the stitches, you just pop in and a nurse does it.

    I would give her maybe 1 or 2 more days (if you really think she'll mess with her wound) and then take it off of her. If she's doing ok with it, then I would let her go free without the cone. But 2 weeks is WAY to long for your kitty to be STUCK in a cone collar!!!
  3. My kitten was stuck with a cone for 10 days, which was enough for us! After that, she was fine.
  4. Thanks hell_lo - that's what I thought too, it's just way too long for her to be miserable. :sad:

    Ah lori, you responded while I was typing. Even 10 days seems like an eternity... but I don't want to put her at risk...
  5. The last time my cat had surgery she had to wear a blue soft plastic collar. It is not a cone collar so much easier to eat and get around. You might ask your vet if she could use one of those. 2 weeks is WAY too long.
  6. Oh, she is actually using the soft blue kind, I should have mentioned that! You're right, it's much better than the hard cone. It's still a huge annoyance to her, though, and she's spending quite a lot of energy trying to get rid of it.
  7. Two weeks seems kind of long-I just spayed my own kitty, internal sutures-she never licked at the area, but I should think 5 days or so would be sufficient. Did they send something for pain management, so the wound dosen't bother her?
  8. Pain management? Should they have? They said she'd only really be in discomfort on the first day, when she was still groggy from the anaesthetic in any case. Should she have had something at home? Should I get something for her now (this is day 3)?
  9. The last cat I had spayed (which was a few years back) had stitches on the outside that even with a cone on she was pulling out. Our vet had me bring in a new sock and he cut the sock so it fit her like a little sweater, so that her stitches were covered and she wouldn't be able to pull them out anymore. I know that it is different since your kitty doesn't have stitches on the outside, but you might want to check with your vet to see if you can try something like this, my kitty was a little weirded out by the sock at first but after a few hours she seemed perfectly normal in it.
  10. Hmm..I guess I won't be of much help, my female was spayed (and males neutered) but no cones for any of them and none licked anything. They got sent home with antibiotics and thats about it. The wounds looked a lot better after a week. Maybe I'm lucky? Perhaps you could call the vets and ask someone on the phone for further advice..if you get the shouty lady on the phone maybe you can leave a message for the doctor and s/he could call you back. Good luck and hope kitty gets well soon! :heart:
  11. I had a cat without a cone collar, she barely touched the incision afterwards and the stitches just melted.. so maybe it will just get better with time, and kitty will lose interest or at least feel less in the wound ?
  12. lmkhlh2006, I love the sock idea!! Effective and cute at the same time!

    We had the surgery done at a clinic the breeder recommended instead of by our regular vet, and I feel a bit weird about having done that (long story), so that's kind of adding to my general anxiety about doing the right thing...:push: I'm going to call my regular vet tomorrow, I'm gonna have to tell her sometime anyway. :shame:

    Thanks for your responses, everyone, I really appreciate it!
  13. Keep it on for 2 weeks definitely. If the wound gets infected it´s a whole other story.
  14. Both times our girls got fixed, we came home with pain meds. Each girlie got 4 days worth.

    It came in a little pre-filled plundger that "I" (without the help of my fh) had to try and hold my cats, open their mouths, get the plunger in their mouths, and squirt it down their throats. Yay Fun!!

    It was a once a day thing given in the morning, based on the severity of the surgery and their weight at the time, in order to determine which med we used and how much we gave them.

    If you kitty seems like she's in "a lot" of pain, remember she'll be in some, it's natural, but if she seems to be suffering, I would call the clinic and ask for something.

    However please note that when my girls went in we also had them declawed. Since we wanted them fixed and declawed, we got it done at the same time, so that might have been a factor in the vet giving us 4 days worth of pain meds. Because technically they had 2 procedures done at once. But it couldn't hurt to ask you vet when ya give them a call.

    Our vet did tell us about the sock trick, but told us only to use it if our girls were bothering the spot, but neither did.

    I would try the sock thing, it's MUCH better than your girl being stuck for 2 weeks in a cone!!! That's just wrong!!! Especially since she'll probably leave it alone, once she feels better from the surgery. My girls were back to their normal selves on about day 5.
  15. if your kitty hasn't had pain meds as of yet i'm sure she's probably fine unless you notice she is in some discomfort.

    and i'd say she's probably ok without the collar, i've had a lot of cats in my life and none of them have ever had to use any sort of collar after getting any surgeries done and they've all been fine. just have to keep an eye on her and make sure she isn't doing any excessive licking to the area

    she'll be fine :smile: