Anyone had a bag that fell apart?

  1. What would LV do if an LV bag falls apart after more than a year of having it. My MC speedy is perfectly fine, but what happens if the canvas gets nicks or the handle breaks, will I still have to pay for repairs, or will they replace it? has anyone have any experiences of faulty bags?
  2. They'll repair it, but whether or not you have to pay depends on how nice they're being about it. The newer the bag, the better your odds of a free repair.
  3. My SA told me last Sat. that their items are warranted for 1 year.
  4. I think it all depends on how long you've had the bag. they arent going to replace handles that are dark and have been worn for some time and abused.

    Now if it broke 3-6 months down the road and the bag was in new condition i'm sure they would.
  5. My Manhattan GM fell apart in my hands! Literally! LOL I was out to dinner and sitting at the bar for a quick forbidden cig, and the bartendar commented that my bag was the best fake she had every seen!:wtf::lol::lol: I told her it was actually real, and she said she had never seen the style. (this was right when it came out) as I was showing her the bag the damn front buckle fell off in my hand! LOL LO LO LOL the only good thing was we were out of town so I took it to the Lv store so they could repair it and put all my things into a a mono Mizi. So I was thrilled!
  6. On a paroli there are 2 magnetic plates that close the bag, well one of the magnetic plates ripped through the canvas on my moms paroli!! The bag was from 03 I believe and way past warranty, LV is always so understanding and helpful, they replaced the bag with brand new one, but I was sad because I knew the other bag was going to be burned.

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