Anyone had a bag repaired?

  1. I took my white le fab in to have the corner polished becasue I scuffed it on a wall. The SA told me that he had never seen a scuff like that and that the metal should not look like he's going to contact LV on monday and see about replacing the corners of the bag because it is still under warrenty. Have you ever had any repairs done? Will it be good as new or should I request an exchange?
  2. If they're going to replace the metal corner, I don't see why it won't be good as new.
  3. I had my gracie handles reglazed as they were peeling like the edge of a slice of bologna. Since the purse was not yet a year old - it was free. Unfortunately, it took several months - however, it was as wonderful as new and has not had the problem again.
  4. How long does the warrenty last?
  5. IT took them 3 months to repair my Mezzo and when I got it back it was filthy. The manager was a PITA and very unhelpful, never apologized, and was just plain rude. I have thought about taking my business elsewhere.:evil:

    I think the warrenty is 2 years?
  6. i have heard that it is 1 year on hardware
  7. According to my SA all hardware is covered under warrenty for 1 full year. All three of my bags are under 1 year old so all of teh corners are being replaced at no charge. The repair will take 4-6 weeks. I can't wait to get my bags back. Thank goodness they can be fixed!
  8. do you have to have purchased the bag at louis vuiton to get it repaired

    or can you have purchased it off elux and still bring it in?
  9. i don't think they care where you purchased it as long as it's authentic...........when i had hardware repaired (on a really really old bag) it took about 3-4 weeks, and when my bag came bag it looked much better than it had going in......they'd kinda of cleaned it off for me, and repairs took much less than the estimated time....i was really pleased :P
  10. I heard it can take a long time to get your bag back. 2 or 3 months.
  11. I once got my wallet repaired and although it did come back in a LOT better condition than when I sent it, it took them a I think about 2 months to get it done. I almost forgot to go pick it up!!!
  12. The zip pull of my accessories pouch broke. It took them less than 12 days to fix and it cost me S$25.
  13. Do you have to bring the receipt to prove that you bought it within a certain time frame so it comes under the warranty? Or can they look it up on their computer?
  14. I think as long as your LV is authentic, they will repair it for you. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Mine was great...service was great. Took about a month. Dealt with the store in NYC.