Anyone (greenpixie? and others) with a green Bleeker flap

  1. What do you tend to wear it with (clothing color-wise)? Or do you use it no matter what you are wearing?
  2. LOL I actually just answered this question in your other thread without realizing you had asked it here! :roflmfao:

    I pretty much wear her with everything. (To tell you the truth I have been purposefully not really wearing red since bought her so I don't have to switch out my bag. :shame:smile:
    LizCordova has a bottle green bag too - maybe she will chime in as well.

    Do you tend to wear more blacks or browns? Personally I think the green might be the more versatile between that and the ink - normally I love blue and brown together, but I am not sure that the grey undertones of the ink would make it "go" with a brown outfit, whereas the green goes equally well with either.

    Overall it is on the more casual side, though, with the strap detailing and the vintage-y burnished leather, so I guess you could add more formal outfits to the (tiny) list of things I don't wear her with. My office is on the casual side though, so it works for me for 95% of what I wear day-to-day.

  3. I wear my Bottle Green Bleeker with Browns (what I favour most), greys and blacks. I don't wear much blue and when I do I either wear a black bag or my Ergo turquoise tote. For me the bottle green goes with more. While I like the ink Bleeker Flap, if I were
    to get a second one it would be the rust color. I don't wear alot of denim except on the weekends and when I do I just wear a hippie bag - either Legacy or my Ergo Belted Cross Body Bag to run around with my kids. If you wear alot of black I guess the Blue one would be a great choice for you.