Anyone gotten the red flap with new chain from Saks?

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  1. I know of one lucky fellow pfer has gotten hers from Saks NYC yesterday, anyone else?
  2. Mine arrived today, but I'm stuck at the office so I can't post pictures until tonight.:sad:
  3. I was waiting the whole day for your pictures! Can't wait.
  4. ^ Saks BH got them and there's one on the shelf today.
  5. no way! this bag is waistlisted everywhere, can't believe they put one out. hope someone from here gets it.
  6. yea, that's what i thought too, but i guess there's no waitlist in Saks BH!! I tried it on, but it looks so huge and big and the chain is so long on me....I am just too too short! Jumbo flap never works well on me....
  7. that's what i thought too in the beginning, i'm quite skinny, and always thought the jumbo looked gigantic on me, but now i love it
  8. Thanks for the heads up. The reason I am asking is because I am waitlisted for this bag at Saks and worried I won't be getting it. But no worries now, I got the call from my SA today. I am surely getting it. :yahoo:
  9. I think the red bags are all over now. I thought they would be more limited than they are..but it seems like all the stores are getting them now.:yes:
  10. the jumbo is definitely easier to get than the med. or e/w, but i don't think it's that readily avaialble, there're still some ladies here wiating or wanting to get one.
  11. They are starting to hit the stores now, so you have a chance of finding them this week vs. 2 weeks ago. I have received 4 calls about this bag.
  12. Purchased mine yesterday at Saks, Chevy Chase.