Anyone got your sights set on the Dentelle Speedy?


Do you prefer the gold or silver lace on the Dentelle line?

  1. Gold

  2. Silver

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  1. Gold becuase it will match the hardware on the bag. :yes:
  2. I haven't seen it IRL yet, so I'm only going off of pics, but I LOVE it! I'm on the waitlist for both, but pretty sure I'll end up liking the gold once I see them. This will make speedy #11 for me!!! :love:
  3. I wont be getting one but if I were into Monos I would soooo want this bag!! It has that special something...I luv luv the gold!!!!:drool:
  4. I love the gold. Have to have it.
  5. I think dentelle is FUGLY. Looks like iron on on top of fakish patina-esque handles. JMO
  6. I saw both in person and don't really like either. I know a lot of people do but it's just not my cup of tea. I didn't like how they not only printed/painted on the flower design all splattery looking, then stitched the flower over it. Just not my favorite. :sad:
  7. Don't like them either.....
  8. Gold! I waitlisted for gold ludlow and cles....but not sure if I'm going to buy :s (haven't seen them in person) Have to ask my SA if she can track down an indigo or mandarin cles for me instead :drool:
  9. I waitlisted for the Silver but I think i'm going to switch for the Gold. Saw some pics of the Gold and I think I like it better.
  10. Wait listed for the gold Dentelle Speedy!
  11. Waitlisted for both but am leaning toward the gold. Warmer color + matches the hardware.
  12. I think the gold looks fabulous! I don't know what I want yet though, haha
  13. Waitlisted for both and hoping I like them once I see them in person!
  14. :welcome:
    I've wiatlisted for the pochette (Kristen) in silver it stands out more and make more of an impact/contrast. Speedy is cute too