anyone got the Eugenie wallet ?

  1. hi, i've seen some threads about the Eugenie wallet, hope to get more informations about this beauty. By the way, can guys also carry this wallet as we may share it among us.
  2. I have it in both the denim and mahina style. I think it's a little too feminine for guys. But I do love it for the HUGE receipt pocket and tons of credit card slots. It carries everything so can double as a clutch, and with the lovely hardware on the front it's just beautiful.
  3. My sister and my boyfriend's mom both have the Eugenie wallet and LOVE it. It is a TDF wallet. It is not only gorgeous, but very practical with room for lots of cards, change, receipts and more. It was well designed to work for modern day people. I think it is quite a feminine wallet however because of the buckle on the front. It could definately be used alone as a clutch which just makes this wallet even better!
  4. I think it is too feminine for guys.
  5. My hubby got me the black Epi Eugenie wallet for Christmas, and I absolutely LoVe it!!! Like the other posters have said, it has lots of storage space, yet looks sleek and elegant. I agree, though, I think it is too feminine for your dh to carry. Pls post pics if you decide to get one - I say go for it, I am crazy about mine!!
  6. << runs & ducks :nogood: I'm the odd ball out. I had the this wallet and returned it only because it was SO large. I agree it can be used as a clutch as well. Everyone seems to just love this wallet. I'm just not one of them. For a guy it would never fit in your'd have to carry it as a clutch unless it was in a bag.
  7. Thanks for all your advice, is there any other wallet similar to this Eugenie type for men, i need this type of wallet to keep all my stuffs organised.
  8. Try the brazza. It comes in Epi, Mono and Damier. Great wallet - holds a tremendous amount, but is thin and could be very masculine too with the right leather. It's a gorgeous wallet.
  9. I second this idea^^^