Anyone got the Cabas PM?

  1. I'm on the wait list of this fab bag. Just wondering if anyone bought it and pix if possible pls. Thank you so much!
  2. Do you mean the Trotteur?
  3. It is Boxer Elastic Quilted Leather (Cloud bag). Launched at Apr 1. LV_Cloud_bag.jpg
  4. I know Crystal just got the Nimbus. I love this line, it's gorgeous.
  5. So gorgeous!
  6. oh sooo pretty cant wait to see more pix
  7. Thanks Cupcake girl
  8. You're welcome :smile:
  9. I'm on the list for the pm as well. I think it's called the olympe or something... What color does Scarlet have? Beige or Ecru...I am on the list for ecru...
  10. may i know how much the pm price in USA? thank you!
  11. The pm is $2400
  12. i'm on the wait list of Ecru, still waiting for their call.