anyone got spring fever?

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  1. OK... so in July I was obsessing over fall/winter bags. Had to have one, and then couldn't wait to carry it. Now, it's not even Christmas and I am ready for spring!

    Does anyone know when Chanel will release photos of their spring/summer collection? I'm thinking something white... how about you????
  2. not yet, my mind is soooo occupied by the long wait of my beloved bronze coco cabas that I cannot think of anything further than the arrival of the bronza coco cabas!
  3. i know what you mean! my modern chain has been sitting in customs for 2 whole days b/c my shipping company can't seem to get it together! arrghh!!!
  4. I'm desperate for Spring. But that's because I had a very unsuccessful Fall. I spent a lot of money at Chanel, but not on purses. Can't wait to see if there's anything for me this Spring!
  5. indeed im sooo dyying to see them
  6. The Seattle Nordy said the look book will be out in end of December. However, the trunk show show won't be until Valentines and products will ship out in end of Feb/early march. I was hoping it would be sooner, too. He said there is alot of beautiful things to come!