Anyone got Small Bayswater Clutch?

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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before, not been on here for a while. I saw this today in HoF and fell in love with it's petite-ness. Does anyone have one and can you comment on how you like it please?

    Thank you!
  2. I have the small Bays clutch in black wrinkled patent leather. I have used it only a few times (we don't get out much!) but have found it to be the perfect size for essentials needed on a night out: small purse, lip balm, tissues, keys, etc.
  3. I have this bag in the RN wrinkled patent and I absolutely love it!:love: I got it for Christmas and I've used it lots already.

    Like klp says it's a perfect size for evenings out but I've used mine in the daytime as well, like yesterday when I just popped out for lunch with my DH.

    I'd really like a black one in NVT as well, but I'd prefer one with silver h/w ideally so I'm currently watching and hoping!:graucho: