Anyone got pics wearing a Ginger?

  1. I really love the style of the Ginger, but I'm thinking that it might be a tad big for lil old me (5'2"). Anyone got any pictures wearing it or any thoughts, or similar alternatives I could consider?
  2. PM Providence Chick. She sent me one of her wearing one when she was selling a black Ginger. She might even post it on here for you...;)
  3. Thanks Halzer - great idea.
  4. Minimouse- I just won the Ginger on eBay but have tried it on and I am your height and I think it's perfect! I originally bought the Carla which is HUGE and am returning it. Anyway, I think the Ginger is a great size for us!
  5. I'm also about 5'2" and I love my Ginger, I think it's a great size.
  6. Provindencechick, thanks a million for the pic - you're so pretty.. and the bag looks fab on you! Nightbird and Janinevs, thanks for your seal of approval, but do you hold a lot in it, or just bare essentials with just the 'big bag' look? I only take wallet, keys, sunnies, tiny address book and lipstick to work. My Jessie is my daily bag, but it would be nice to have a few alternatives.
  7. My bag essentials are way more than that. So, I load up that Ginger, lol.
  8. Thanks for posting your pics, providencechick. Love the java Jessie!!!!
  9. I only use my purses on weekends if I am shopping or out to dinner as I have a 19 mos old so carry a Diaper Bag around. So for my purse I like the big bag look but I carry a wallet, makeup bag, cell phone and sunglass case - so like you for most part. Once my son is done with his sippy cup and snack cup I will retire the diaper bag.
  10. Woah Prividence chick!!

    I just checked out the link....forget about the ginger! That honey Sloane looks great on the shoulder!!! It looks soooooo much better IRL pics!
  11. btw, I have 2 girlfriends who own Koobas- we are all 5'2"- one has a Ginger and an Alisha and one has the Jillian. The Jillian is a bit smaller if you like a smaller look but very nice looking!
  12. Hi Nightbird, I've definitely go a Jillian in sand and bourbon on my 'want' list. I think they'd work for me. I adore the look of the Ginger, but I can't seem to get past the fact that I think it looks too huge, despite assurances on this thread. I think I need to see more pics before I dive in.
  13. I got my Ginger yesterday here are some pix - also you definately have to be comforable. I like a bigger bag cause I think it makes ME look smaller but too big a bag (like the Carla) is ridiculous. Anyway, let us know what you decide!:yes:
    ginger2.jpg ginger3.jpg
  14. Nightbird, thanks for posting your pics - you look great with your ginger on your shoulder. I wish I could try one on first. Hubby still thinks it looks way too big. I'd probably take a risk and buy it, if I could find a good deal, but the chestnut one I saw on eBay (starting at$389.99 or BIN for $395), seems quite pricey compared to others that have sold. There's now another one with a starting price of $225, BIN for $319.99. I'll have to check out its authenticity because I'm not sure about it.