Anyone got lucky with Hermes in London?

  1. Has any of you gals here ever got lucky and bought a birkin in a Hermes London store without being on a waitlist?

    If so, pls share your story!! :welcome:
  2. Hi, not birkins or kelly bags, but I have seen the evelyne, bolide and constance bags on sloan and old bond st.
  3. I bought my courchevel gold Kelly in Sloane St. off the shelf, but it was a long time ago....:yes:
  4. My girlfriend did about 6 months ago...a Kelly. It was a fluke pretty much, but she did say there were two. She purchased one and left a 28 behind I believe.
  5. Looks like there's no success stories of someone walking in and getting a birkin 'off the shelve"!
  6. When I was there in Spring, there were Kellys at Sloane St. and Harrods.

    I didn't like the attitude of the SAs in Sloane ... that has been so far the most disappointing Hermès experience I've had.
  7. Yeah, they all do seem to be more intimidating than the other SAs I've met in Paris, Japan, Singapore, Nice etc etc..
  8. I was in Brown Thomas (Dublin) last week and the SA showed me a blue 29 Kelly. She let me play with it for a few minutes. Unfortunately, I'm not financially eligible for one at the moment and had to pass! :Push: (About 4000 euro)
  9. Oh, there was also a very little, sort of hand held Kelly in black. I don't know enough to know the size.
  10. I think you'll have much better luck hopping over to Paris for a couple of days. I've heard many stories of people getting them off the shelves or after asking a SA. A little luck is involved, too.
  11. Yeah, I think Paris, or the other French cities have the best bet in getting one off the shelve! Like you mentioned, luck is def needed!!
  12. I was in St. Tropez in May, and passed by Hermes and went into ask if they had any regualr birkins. The SA told me that they dun have any at the moment, but did show me a white JPG birkin. I passed on that, cos I wanted a regular one.

    Now, I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting that!!:smash:
  13. No birkin, but I did buy my 32 cm fucshia chevre kelly from Hermes in New Bond St this March.

    Go to France, you can def score one there!
  14. I was in Paris over the weekend just in July, went into Hermes BUT didn't ask if they had one. Should I just go kill myself now?:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  15. Don't feel bad, there's always next time ... A lot of times, it's not a matter of your finding the bag, it's a matter of the bag finding you ... :yes: When the right time comes, the bag will show up:flowers: