Anyone got flip flops from Walmart?

  1. Good heavens!! That is HORRIBLE!!!
  2. OMG! That man should definitley sue! His feet look hideous and God knows what that man's feet has been through! I'm just sitting here in completel shock!
  3. I'm speechless!!!!!
  4. OMG! How horrible!
  5. omg, how awful !!
  6. Wow now I gotta find out if my sister has gotten my niece flip flops recently from walmart!!! I hope everyone who has been affected by this can get ahold of that Becca...
  7. Poor dear! That looks so painful!
  8. OMG! I have several pairs from Wal-Mart & have never had an issue but that is HORRIFIC! Clearly there needs to be a class action suit! Good luck w/ everything!
  9. :wtf:
  10. That's just awful. Yuck.

    However, I don't see anywhere in the article that this person ever set foot (no pun intended) in a doctor's office. Why? Their feet would have never gotten to that point if they had taken some action in the first place.
  11. OMG! Time to let my friends know!
  12. She did went to the doctor's before her feet got into the major peeling stage (She started taking pictures on 6/28). Here's what she said:

    "I spent hours on the phone trying to get a doctor's appointment and finally
    7/3/2007 I went to the doctor today, it was actually a community clinic where the poor people go, I am fairly poor so this I thought would be fine. After answering several very personal and inappropriate questions and a five hour wait she said it was "defiantly from the flip flops" (but then you'd be hard pressed to think otherwise huh?) She also said it may scar and gave me some cream that doesn't seem to be doing alot for it."
  13. OK, I missed that point, I was probably distracted by the pictures. But still, in as much as I can't stand Wal-Mart for numerous reasons, I don't think they're responsible for someone's allergic reaction to their product. True, she got horrible customer service and I believe they should work something out with her. But that doesn't have anything to do with the fact that she received sub-par medical treatment, which of course is a completely different issue ... personally, I don't think she was proactive enough in getting care for herself. Now I'm definitely NOT trying to blame the victim here, but instead of spending so much time logging her case on the internet, she should have been finding appropriate medical treatment.
  14. Ewwwwe, gross! Good thing I don't shop at Walmart.