Anyone got any suggestions for my next bag?

  1. I'm starting to save towards my next LV purchase. Although there are a few smaller accessories that I'd like, I've decided I'm going to save for my next bag.

    I already own a mono pochette and a Damier speedy 30 so I'd like my next one to be a shoulder bag that is big enough to be used everyday. I've been thinking of getting the BH but I'm not sure about the fact that it doesn't close fully. Anybody got suggestions/recommendations? I'm 5'2" and 118lbs btw so I'm not sure I could pull off a really large bag and I don't have a budget in mind just yet (depends on how long I can save and if I get distracted by another accessory on the way lol!)
  2. I say go for the Damier azur saleya or the Neverfull. they are both great bags.
  3. i just got my madeleine GM in the mail earlier this week. and im loving it =)
    but i also agree with lavanity. an azur would be as equally nice. i love mine!
  4. was about to recommend neverfull, but since you are looking for fully zipped shoulder bag. Either Saleya or Tivoli GM?
  5. Thanks guys! I'm not sure if I'm being a bit too cautious about it zipping fully. Has anyone had any problems with the bags that don't close fully? I'd still consider one if I loved it enough.

    Are the straps on the Neverfull comfy?
  6. I am also the same way about my bags having zipped tops, although I am warming up to an open top if it is a bag that I would totally love. The new azur Hampstead will be coming out soon --- it is an open top, but really gorgeous!
  7. azur or epi red...
  8. Something vernis in the amaranthe color. TOTALLY gorge.
  9. Tivoli GM
  10. How about the Lockit Horizontal? I love that bag. It has a zipped top and plenty of room!
  11. Cabas's a great shoulder bag! If the Mezzo is too big then go for the Cabas Piano.
  12. For a fully zipped bag... Tivoli or Saleya (in azur for spring summer)
  13. The new azur hampstead would be really nice... when it finally arrives!
  14. I am 5'3" and I love my Popincourt Haut. Check it out.