Anyone got any idea...

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  1. Anyone got any idea of any online florist where I can order flower from the website?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Definitely do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT use 1-800-Flowers. They are a NIGHTMARE. My mother got THREE seperate bouquets of (wilting, half-dead) flowers when I ordered ONE -- oh, and not a single bouquet managed to get there on the day I wanted them delivered.

    I had an okay experience with Coast to Coast flowers. They didn't send the vase I wanted, but ended up giving me a full refund so I would use them again.
  3. They keep popping out with Singapore's florist instead. :p

    I want to send some flower to some friend in USA. :biggrin:
  4. I really like the Martha Stewart flowers website. If you google "martha's flowers" I think you'll get it.
  5. Stay away from They come in a box and you have to arrange them yourself. :tdown: