anyone got a picture of khaki baby cabas??

  1. anyone got a picture of khaki and black baby cabas..but I prefer khaki because my SA told me that actually its more like a bronze I got a bit confused about the color I'd like to put my name on...I reserve for black..but still thinking about the if anyone have..please please post it here..thankssss
  2. Here is a picture of my Khaki/Bronze Baby Cabas.

  3. omg...i think i'll switch to bronze color..looks so nice..thank you gina...nice bag you have there..hope I can get it anytime soon...
  4. Did you find one yet? Indra at Tyson's corner Chanel had two this morning. 703-847-0264
  5. Omg so gorgeous!
    May I ask how much it was?
  6. Love your Bronze baby!

  7. It is 1995+tax now