Anyone got a "dream" dress?

  1. This is from Dior 07/08 FW and I adore it


    Pic from
  2. oooh my dream dress was back in about 1998, it was dolce and gabanna, had a corsetfront, floated to the floor and had butterflies all over it. Lousie Redknapp married in it, and I wanted it so badly, but they sold out immediately. I managed to get the shoes, but it wasnt as good as having the dress ;)

    will go find a piccie, I like to call it my "lost" dress, as I still think about it even now!
  3. Well, when you look for a pic, could you please get one with Jamie next to Louise in that dream dress, please? :smile: Thanks.
  4. Well i have a few ;) Theres one that Eva Longoria wore on desperate Housewives on the episode where her old friends came to visit her and she got Bree to sew her into her Blue dress? and then she fell down the stairs? I don't even know the designer but i love it! i really want it ! It's v pretty :smile:
  5. I have a few also but these are my top two. I think both dresses are s:huh::huh::huh::huh::huh:o gorgeous!


  6. I just love the Monique Lhullier dress Lindsay Lohan wore in one of her music videos

  7. I love this Alberta Ferretti dress - the colour is so divine!

  8. Chloe-Babe,

    I LOVE this dress! This was around the time I "discovered" designer clothes. It was one of the defining moments in fashion for me when I saw it. Of course, I had no reason to own it. I just fantasized about owning it.
  9. impossible to chose ONE dress...I want a whole closet of them!!! Diane van furstenberg to start!!! chloe and BCBG too!!!
  10. When I saw this Alexander McQueen dress, I almost died. It is so beautiful and I hope I can somehow find one or something like it for my wedding dress:
  11. The big fashion moment for me was when I saw those white cut out jersey dresses by Tom Ford for Gucci in '96. The same one Toni Braxton wore in her "unbreak my heart" video. love love loved it.
  12. This is one of my dream dresses, by Missoni, i would love to get my hands on one of these :smile:

  13. I wish I could find a picture, it was a black Oscar de la Renta gown with silver rain going down. I wanted to wear it to prom but it wouldnt have come in time :cry:
  14. Chloe-babe, I would love to see that dress if you can find a picture. It sounds beautiful!
  15. Hi GG, I have found it :biggrin:, it has taken me ages to find a piccie, but yay, here it is. Black silk chiffon, over a nude corset top, and then the skirt went straight to the floor in length with the butterflies following down the dress.