Anyone got a Chloe in Canelle? Pics to share?

  1. I've been eyeing off the canelle Paddy at diabro for a while now, but I read in another thread here that it's very pink-toned peach. :shrugs:

    The pics seem to be growing on me though. Is it like this in real-life?

    Does anyone own a Chloe in this color and can please post pics?

  2. Oooooh, I actually started out NOT liking this color, but now I LOVE it! :p So much so, that after I bought it in the medium paddy from Bluefly, (no probs, BTW) I bought it in the large east/west zippy from and it should be here in a day or two!!! :yahoo: It's a very pretty cinnamon color! It does have pinkish tones to it and the only other shade I could liken it to would be the color of "red" clay, but a bit "softer" (hard to explain!)...I think it's really lovely and goes with black, browns, greens, blues, etc. It's a definite neutral, but not the true brown neutral of muscade/nutmeg (which I also have and love as well!) :nuts: I wish I had a camera to show pics, :shrugs: but the color on Bluefly is very true to life...:heart:
  3. Pics of mine:smile:

    These are taken in natural light - no flash!
    IMG_1106_1.JPG IMG_1108_1.JPG IMG_1112_1.JPG
  4. Thanks for that info Beanie! Do you prefer the Muscade though? Would that be a better color for a first Paddy? ;)
  5. Great pics!!! :yes: Thank you!
  6. Nelstar, I just ordered a Mini Paddy in Cannelle from Diabro. I'll post pictures when she arrives. I'm not sure how long it will be though, as this is my first purchase from Diabro. Can't wait!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. Thanks Pamella72! :smile:

    I bought a Bay bag from Diabro about 2 weeks ago. It arrived 3 days after I ordered it - from Japan to a fairly remote area of Australia. I thought that was brilliantly fast!
  8. Just for reference, I have this photo of my tan paddy on the left and the canelle on the right. It doesn't show the whole bag, but I was more interested in actually comparing the color so took the photo with that in mind. It does have a definite pinkish / beige undertone. It is very nice, but it is not the same "pop" of color that say tan, or whiskey is. Hope this helps....
    canelle 012 (Small).jpg
  9. Wow, that was really helpful! Now that I'm seeing them side by side, I'm not liking it much. Maybe when I get the canelle, I'll exchange it for muscade as I know I like that color since I already have classic size paddy. Thanks for posting that photo!

  10. I agree with Pamella72 - I think the Tan looks nicer!

    Doesn't matter now, I've *just* ordered the Nutmeg Paddy from NAP!!! :nuts:
  11. nice!
  12. Nelstar,

    did diabro ask you what you wanted the bag valued at (ie, did you avoid customs tax's?)

  13. Yes, they did. :yes: But I think if you don't let them know they'll still mark it as US$100 so customs tax won't be a problem.
  14. Fantastic, :yahoo:I'm getting closer and closer to my first chloe bag!!! Now I just need to narrow it down to one. Hmm, the hard part!:shrugs: