Anyone got a call on the Red Caviar Flap w/ the new chain yet? I am still waiting....

  1. impatiently.....I am waiting for the medium and the e/w size. Anyone has any idea when they are supposed to come out? Since the red lambskin with new chain is already out! :confused1:
  2. I would be totally impatient :wacko:
  3. OMG....I want one!!! But, what does it look like anyway?? Does anyone have picture??
  4. Which stores ordered it in medium?

    I was just talking to Brendan about the Jumbo and East/West Red Caviar with new chain yesterday. He says "any day now" but doesn't have a specific date.
  5. No idea! I'm still waiting for my red jumbo caviar flap w/the new chain.
  6. So, let me get this straight. If you were waitlisted for this bag and you get it now or in a week or two from now, it will be the with the new outrageous price or do they honor the old price?
  7. It'll be new *outrageous* price.
  8. Brendan told me about the new price when I waitlisted for it, so I was expecting the new price in the $2200 range.
  9. I think it depends on the store and what they will honor for you. I am patiently waiting...
  10. I was told about the new outrageous price when I waitlisted for it as well.
  11. I was told and confirmed the lower price when I pre-ordered it. But, I'm sure they'll still charge me the higher price though.
  12. Hmmm, on my pre-order slip at NM, it was written as $1850 for jumbo caviar. It also has my NM charge card # as the SA would charge and call me when it comes in. I wonder if i could insist they honor the price on the slip?
  13. i haven't heard. called yesterday and it turns out somehow i was bumped to number 2 on the waiting list. supposedly someone pre-ordered it at the trunk show. they should be getting 2 in but i was not that happy. i think she quoted me 1850 when i put my name down. wondering if they would honor that.

    i did see a smaller bag and the color is a real brick red not a truer red. i wasn't sure i liked it all that much... but we'll see when it comes in.
  14. ^Oh no! I hope that it's a true red as well, not a brick red.:wtf: My SA told me the color code is 81643, which is a true red, so I'm *hoping* that the flap will be the same color.
  15. the lambskin i saw looker redder. the small caviar bag looked brick or like a clay red. :crybaby: