Anyone good with Kate Spade purses?

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  1. I looked in the "Authenticate This" but there is nothing for Kate Spade. I recently had a kate spade purse up for auction and it was removed because someone said it was a fake. I was wondering if I posted pictures if someone could tell me if it is fake or not. I would like details as to how it is or isn't fake.


    Thanks in advance. I love this site so far and everyone is so friendly :smile:
  2. so far it looks good to me. i have a few kate spade purses but i cant really tell fakes since ive never come across any...i have that same one except in pink
  3. I thought that page would help me out but it really doesn't. There are no other purses that look anything like the one I have. Aside from another user on this forum telling me she has this one but in pink. I have seen kate spade replica's but there is always something wrong with it. As far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with this purse. *sigh*

    Thanks for the link and for the help :smile:
  4. I just found a Kate Spade store here in WA, I think I will take the purse there on Sunday to see if they will Auth it for me. I have read a lot of posts here and one thing a lot of you have said is not to mention anything about ebay. I will let you know of the out come.