Anyone good with Juicy?

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  1. i have never seen this style but my other juicy bags have the same exact insides
  2. My friend has one very similar to that, but instead of the dark tan color its like a light tan, camel color.
  3. I have a daydreamer too and this one looks pretty good. wait... am i too late?? did you already buy it or not buy it?
  4. since the seller couldn't show me proof that it was authentic i passed. then, the seller posted the same bag/photos back up on ebay. so i didn't get the bag. i'm still desperately looking though. i contacted the company and they told me to call the outlets, so i did, and no one seems to have this bag :sad: i'm so sad, hah.

    really though, if anyone happens to know if anyone selling a cream/white or brownish caramel colored one i'll pay well.
  5. Dusty paws it's a good thing you didn't pay because that one was indeed a fake.

    If you look at the ending of the "I am the Fairest" mirror strap, you can see a rivit. The authentic bags are stitched their.

    Also this line would have the wording "Hello", "Shop", and "I am the fairest" pressed into the leather, not just written on it. (Some lines don't, but this one would)

    The color name that would be printed on the tag would be Tucker (Carolyn for the cream one).
  6. Plus if you look at the seller's feedback, you can see where she/he lists the same Juicy bags over and over. The seller appears to be pretty savy about selling fakes and lists one at a time.
    Also, I would think it would be pretty rare that a seller would find a whole stash of authentic Juicy bags to re-sell on ebay of the same style. In my opinion, it just doesn't happen.
  7. ^ Thanks gals, I appreciate it!

    And the search goes on..