anyone good with Gemstones?

  1. So...digging up ny old "rock" collection...I was maybe wondering if they were worth anything...most of them I bought in Jewelry stores in Vietnam whenever I visit, so maybe I might have something of worth?

    But it seems like there are so many stones with so many colors and so many fakes...I just don't know how to tell which are which..

    so anyone here with a knack in Gems? ( they're all cut, most of them are the size of a penny)

    Thanks!:smile: And maybe I'll get a bag or two out of it!
  2. Guilty as charged. See "Birthstone" thread. :blush:

    I'll probably end up suggesting you take them to a gemologist, but what exactly do you need to know?
  3. I was just going to recommend you, Prada Psycho!
  4. Well I have this Sapphire Blue stone ( the only thing I think is worth anything) that when I bought it a while ago it was I was told it was Sapphire...but I'm not sure...if I posted a picture would you be able to tell from it?

    Thanks Prada psycho!
  5. I was thinking about your situation after I posted that reply when it registered to me that you said you got the stones in Thailand. Thailand is a MAJOR market for rubies, sapphires, really most of the good stuff. I definitely suggest you have a gemologist look them over thoroughly: scope them, chemical tests, the works. You may have more value in your stones than you think!

    By the way, I PM'd this post to you since it was moved to The Jewelry Box sub-forum.
  6. You need to take them to a jeweler. That is the only way you will know for sure.
  7. Thanks,

    I think I will, does anybody know if they'll buy it off you? Or give you an appraisal to how much it's worth?

    but just off of your head could anyone determine what it could *possibly* might be?

    Thanks again...


  8. A jeweler can give you an appraisal & tell you all the details of the stone. If you want to sell it I would definitely get an apprasial then you know exactly what you have. It looks like sapphire or iolite to me.
  9. Part of the problem is that just identifying something with the naked eye is tough, if not impossible. Jewelers have special tools, magnifiers, even chemical tests they can run to verify the stone.

    That looks could be sapphire...but it could be pretty cut glass too.

    I am sure there are lots of jewelers who would purchase stones after they were verified and after you get an estimated value.