anyone good at finding images online?

  1. Please help! I'm creating a little website for my beach wedding, and I'm looking for a sexy fashion photo of men and women wearing white (i'm asking all my guests to wear white) Linen, silk, st.tropez-style. I can't find anything i like!
  2. check
    but make sure you register first, so you can get the images free without watermarks.
  3. Yep I second that I always find my images on that website
  4. I did a google search for "white beach wedding" and found this...they're dead sexy! (lol)


    But there are a lot of gorgeous pictures when you search google images for that phrase. Just not many of wedding guests.
  5. Umm..thanks stacmck- that's not quite what i wanted lol!
    seahorseinstripes vbmenu_register("postmenu_2041856", true); and mellecyn vbmenu_register("postmenu_2042284", true); thank you! i'm goingto getty images now!
  6. Be careful, I am sure you will find that you need to give credit to getty if you are going to use them on public display.

    The safest bet is to google royalty free graphics or royalty free images.