Anyone gonna watch the Next Iron Chef

  1. It starts next weekend where I live..I loved the original Iron Chef from Japan..the Iron Chef America has replaced it, I watch it every weekend! I actually learn something new everytime, even if it's just something simple, and integrate that into my own cooking at home.. fun show!:heart::wlae::yahoo:
  2. Oh I'm really excited to see it! I enjoy watching Alton so I'm glad he'll be hosting it!
  3. I saw the premier this weekend - the concept seems like top chef with the cookoffs, but the judging is very similar to iron chef. I felt like their savory dessert challenge was bitten off top chef.
  4. I think John Besh is going to win the entire thing. He has the personality for it, the other ones just are there but they don't stand out. I know, probably editing but I see a Besh v. Morou final.