Anyone gone to/graduated from FIDM??

  1. Hello all,

    FIDM in either San Francisco or LA is one of the schools I am considering for a 2 year certificate program now that I'm graduated from college. Has anyone gone there? Which campus? I'd LOVE some thoughts, views, opinions, insights etc etc.

  2. My twin sister did!

    Based on what she told me, it´s a good school. They give you everything you need and the teachers are field experts.

    The LA school is near enough all of the main ways of public transportation that you could commute there and it´s in a nice part of downtown.

    It's kind of the haves against the have nots, you know who's there
    because their parents are paying for them and who's there because they really want to be there


    If you don´t live in LA then it's going to be harder to interact with people and harder to get things done. It would be easier if you rented an apartment downtown.

    The classes are really long and are on the quarter system so if you mess up, you mess up your whole quarter.

    If you have anymore specific questions I'd be more than happy to ask her. :biggrin:
  3. I go there but I'm not taking classes for half a year basically. In August I'll be going to UC is a huge part of my life, but I want to major in something else. I don't feel like I want to work in the fashion industry. Good luck to you though! FIDM is a great school. The LA campus is nice. I knew a lot of people who were not very serious about their schooling and you can tell which people are like that. Try to stay away from these people..they will just drag you down. :s I agree with alely, choose an apartment downtown, MUCH easier to get to class each day. Traffic sucks. :tdown:
  4. BTW, she left at about a year because the commute, 2 hrs both ways (living in la was not a feasible option,) was too hard on her. Getting a lot of things done was harder and she couldn't really make any good friends.
  5. Wow.. since I don't have a car, it makes more sense to live in student housing... Has anyone been to the San Francisco campus?
  6. I personally haven't been to the campus, but I see on the map it's located in an extremely central location, and is totally convenient to all public transportation. You probably don't want to know this point, but it's only 2 blocks from Union Square ... shopping paradise!
  7. What a funny coincidence. I saw two girls today in Union Square carrying large totes with FIDM on them, and I was wondering what it stood for, lol.
  8. My best friend that graduated from high school the same year as me ('07) is now at FIDM-LA. She seems to be loving it!
  9. The San Francisco FIDM is nice. I don't go to the school but I've gone on a tour and I know a lot of fashion majors there.


    BART (underground transport) drops you off right next to the school

    location is right in the heart of downtown San Francisco and there is plenty to do

    the school's name is reputable

    It's not very hard to get in.


    a lot of young students who aren't serious about their major (there on daddy's money)

    In order to get a job in the field, 2 years might not be enough for potential employers (Especially if you're interested in fashion design)

    Their biggest selling point in attracting potential students is telling you that they have connections that can get you a job in the field. The problem? It's not really true. I know a lot of graduates who aren't working in the field they majored in and FIDM is no help to them at all.

    They just want your money.

    I don't know if you're interested in fashion design specifically but if you are, I've heard much better reviews on The Academy of Art in San Francisco. Their program is 4 years and you learn a lot more.
  10. Thanks so much for al lthese opinions!

    I have already done a Bachelors degree in Apparel and Textiles/Marketing (double major) and was thinking of specializing in Merchandise Marketing - a more intense course... I plan to go there (I'm this close to getting accepted) in October for the fall quarter. San Fran is my preferred choice of campus, SF is beautiful! Is the campus there safe, has anyone lived in the dorms, etc?
  11. I don't know if they have dorms. It's a very tiny school. The area surrouding the school is very safe though...well, unless you walk a few blocks too far but that's just how things are in San Francisco. The area around FIDM is a major tourist destination so it's pretty safe to walk around in during the day. You'll have to be a little more cautous at night but that's just common sense.
  12. My fiance is a graphic designer and he went to FIDM LA. He said every class he was one of only 2 or 3 other guys. I don't really have much to add other than he said the classes were great and he learned a lot and for his field, he did get a lot of networking opportunities. They have a lot of alumni events too, for further networking.